Edward Snowden on Twitter

Edward Snowden joined Twitter on Sept. 29th.  Within 27 hours he had over 1 million followers.  Nice!  I was in the first couple of hundred thousand to follow him.  At first, the only entity he was following was the NSA.  🙂

It is being said elsewhere (my words) that Edward is going to be releasing a massive amount of more information (David Wilcock is calling it a data dump) he “rescued” from the NSA. I figured he joined Twitter because of that so I will wait for this major release to occur.

Keep an eye out!  I’ve often stated Edward is a catalyst and I don’t think his mission is yet complete.

[See my comment.]

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One Response to Edward Snowden on Twitter

  1. pac says:

    Forget that!! Edward has stated on his Twitter feed that he wants to come home if he can have a fair trial so I highly doubt he will be doing anymore revelations.

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