Dolores Cannon

She passed a few days ago. I heard of it on C2C this morning. I did not hear when she passed and wondered if I had somehow missed her passing but now I know it was very recent. My first thought upon hearing of her passing was perhaps the “new earth” she talked about so much is ready and that is why she left. 🙂

There’s a lot of people who believe in this new earth story and believe that is where they will be going when they leave here. I want to say the new earth phenomena started with the information Dolores began receiving from the people she regressed but I am not positive about it. I’ve thought about it many times; every time I came across mention of it on the Internet over the years.

Well, Dolores; now that you have left your physical body, what do you say??

She passed on October 18th so it was six days ago. I did not know she was ill and in the hospital before that.

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8 Responses to Dolores Cannon

  1. pac says:

    Read pages 367-369 in Book 3 about dissociative identity disorder (DID)/multiple personality disorder (MPD).

  2. pac says:

    Never have I intentionally taken such a long time to read four books, but it’s true. I am into book three of this series. I read a little bit each day and sometimes stay on the same few pages for a week as I contemplate certain concepts. Much of what is presented in these books is not new to me but there are some perspectives which validate my own observations and which are not in line with what some “metaphysical teachers” claim.

  3. pac says:

    The Tower of Babel. Incorrect story. In Dolores’ book it is described as a genetic experiment gone wrong which shattered human consciousness. It effected the ability to comprehend. The mind couldn’t hold the expansion of consciousness. I would say we are seeing the same thing occurring today. That may be the source of why people’s minds are typically fragmented, and easily fragmented again and again via trauma.

  4. pac says:

    In the end part of this book a client under hypnosis years ago talked to Dolores about a coming war on earth involving a group (associated with a red energy) who would use radiation against the populace because they want the genetics. How telling. A certain, deep blue energy would be available to block the harmful effects of this radiation. This must be the blue energy I have been consciously familiar with for a few years. The core of the earth would be targeted with radiation as well. It starts on page 489. This section answers some questions for me.

  5. pollyann says:

    Page 297: “For the karmic self is the one who determines what distractions we hold on to.”

  6. pollyann says:

    Page 223: “Thought is the fastest laser known.

  7. pollyann says:

    (Book 1.) Ahh,,, she discovered there are those here on this earth who are observers and gatherers of knowledge. It’s more validation for what I realized about myself years back and why my life is not like so many others.

  8. pollyann says:

    Well, Dolores; I now have three of the four, “Convoluted Universe,” series. One of them is on back order. Who knows how long it will take me to read them. I will read them though. I still haven’t finished the last book by another author I’ve been reading. Lol!

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