Ask Me About Whatever Here (1)

Sily wants to ask me some questions so I have started this page for her because this is a weblog and not a forum so the format is different.  Any topic is okay.


86 Responses to Ask Me About Whatever Here (1)

  1. pollyann says:

    It’s nice to meet you, Maia!! Thanks for your intro. Yes, I tend to pop up in unusual places once in a while but not as much as I used to. 🙂 This is a safe place so bring up any subject you would like!!

  2. maiapollan says:

    hmmm… HI again if you had not received our last comment. The not so ironic moment clicked post comment, the internet resets and the page is lost. Got to love the electrical grid of static spooFs and so much more. I have seen you on another blog which read from beginning to end and you kept popping up Pollyann. All know is, simply began to feel more and more a gravitation towards you and that you feel like a safe place to finally unfold some questions to answers which constantly keep re-occuring over years. I think it is time to address those questions with our experiences from child-hood and up-to-our awakeningS and determine if maybe what makes us who we are with the drive to thrive and are entire madhatter personality with SO SO much more has had an underlying possibility which refuse to accept or rather see. Not even sure where I should ask or contribute or share to start….. it is the first time on wordpress as a participant.

    Well this is me and thank you for being here and thank you for accepting me into your world, Maia

  3. pollyann says:

    Hi, Gwenn! I was able to break away from the litter box for a few moments to reply to you. He he. Your comments are most interesting. I began writing about “solar symptoms” in 2000 and have made many observations concerning myself and others since. There are all sorts of comments about this subject scattered throughout my blog and other stuff I wrote elsewhere on the Web is long gone. This planet is extremely juiced up and there are those of us who FEEL it on all of the subtle levels except the effects are not so subtle with some of us. Some people don’t feel much of anything at all. Perhaps they are too dense. Lol!! I sometimes envy them. I have to wonder, after reading your comment about the “switching on and off,” if many people’s myelin sheaths are ragged and jagged!! I’ve never come across Barrie Trower but will take a peek later. Thanks for taking the time to contribute your input!!

  4. gwenn says:

    Hello Pollyann!
    Finally, somebody else feels these electric “fluxuations”! Your comment in Febuary regarding the Dirty Protons is exactly what I have been struggling with for a few years now. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, and being of belief that illness is a symptom of “something”, I have been diligently researching these anomalies. I am quite certain all of this is due to the Dirty Electricity Grid and the proliferation of microwave radiation from our cell towers, broadband, wi fi, etc.. Our technology is also interacting with the DC induced current from solar activity, “switching” our nervous system on and off, thousands of times per second! (Barrie Trower interviews on youtube explains the science of EMFs quite well). But I’m sure you are already aware of all this. Just glad to see someone else put this into words. THANK YOU! (Just taking some time off from cleaning the litterbox… better get back to work… hope you get this message… ciao!)

  5. pollyann says:

    I started a second page for this section. It’s titled, ” Ask Me Here (2).”

  6. pollyann says:

    Actually, I should say seasoned seafarer!!

  7. pollyann says:

    Salty reminds me of a weathered seafarer. Lol!!

  8. saltyme says:

    Yep. I’ve said many times that I always take things with several grains of salt so I’m pretty darn salty by now!! 😆

  9. pollyann says:

    There you go!! That looks like me!! Whenever you change your gravatar in the future it will take some time to show up. Do you want me to call you Salty from now on??

  10. pollyann says:

    Wait a bit, saltyme (Lol!!). It can take some time for a new gravatar to make it through the WordPress system.

  11. saltyme says:

    Trying again

  12. saltyme says:

    I registered. It wouldn’t let me use the name Sparkel so I tried Salty but that was a taken so I went with Salty me.

    If things work as I think they should then there should be an Avatar there now.

  13. Sparkel says:

    Hi Polly,
    I was not thinking of using a WordPress gravatar. I want to use an Avatar of my own choosing but I don’t know how to put one here, or if that is possible without Registering, or if I even get that option if I do Register.

    My first several comments here were made without signing up to follow your blog. After I wrote my comment all I did was fill in my email address and name. Registration is not required to comment.

    I do follow your blog now, but, I still have to fill in my email address and name after I write a comment.
    No option was given to me to choose a gravatar or a picture of my choosing before, or after I signed up to follow your blog.

    All I have done so far is to sign up to follow your blog via email.
    When I click the Register link on the right side of the home page I go to this page. Link
    On the right side there is a spot to sign up for just a user name. I assume that means that if I Register then I will be able to use either a WordPress gravatar, or an Avatar/picture of my own choosing, but I’m not sure. Link

    You are right, I wouldn’t like a gravatar like at JK’s site, or any other that was chosen for me.

    I’ve been looking around WordPress site but so far its all about if one signs up for a blog. Anyway, I’ll see if I can figure it out.

  14. pollyann says:

    I don’t know what you have to do, Sparkel, to have your own gravatar with WordPress if you don’t have a weblog with them. It has to be generated somewhere. I can’t see what the user’s page looks like for those who don’t have a WordPress blog but who sign up to follow a blog and choose a username for making comments. I don’t know if the option is given to choose a gravatar. You assigned yourself your username (Sparkel) at some point. I can turn on a program to assign a gravatar to users who don’t have their own (like the ones at John Kettler’s website or there is another type) but I didn’t want to do that because users may not like it. Contact WordPress?? I really don’t know at the moment.

  15. Sparkel says:

    Hi Polly. Do I have to sign up for a user name to use an Avatar here? Or is there some other way?

  16. Sparkel says:

    Just want to say that the sound quality of the video improves at about 10 minutes in.

  17. pollyann says:

    That’s okay, Sparkel. I changed the video link so it wasn’t the embed version of the link anymore but it is still embedded. That’s okay though. Eventually, YouTube may un-embed it and if it does I will change it then. I was trying to investigate what happened with WordPress and your missing posts. Go to the YouTube website when you have a minute and choose any video to watch. Look underneath the video and you will see a SHARE button. Click on that button and you will see the options: Embed, Email, Hang Out and underneath those options you will see the straight video url highlighted in blue in a narrow box. You can even choose where you want the video to start, if you want. That’s what I was describing. Wherever you picked up the link to the video it was, unbeknownst to you, the embed version. There’s just endless technicalities to learn about computers and the Internet. Hey, Silver flops her butt on my keyboard and opens up Windows functions I have no idea even existed. 🙂

  18. Sparkel says:

    Hi Polly, I just seen your post up there, and I just seen the video posted up there 😯 I didn’t do that! I only wanted to post a link to it!! Feel free to remove that video if you like and just leave the link to it. If I somehow did that it is a mystery to me ’cause I don’t know how to post a video anywhere!

  19. pollyann says:

    It was waiting for me to approve it. WordPress does allow links but the software may determine a post needs approval if there are multiple links or the link url kicks off some kind of spam protection. That is what happened with the above post. I’m going to take the spaces out of the link and see what happens. When I post a YouTube link recently at my blog I do not choose the embed link, I copy the video link which shows up highlighted in blue in the box under the video after clicking on the SHARE button. In that post the video was embedded and the WordPress software treated it as needing review. I hope that is understandable.

  20. Sparkel says:

    I think so too.
    Re my above post. I need to watch that interview again before I reply but I haven’t had time to focus on it. I should be able to get to it in the next week or so.


    This is Not related to Irradia but thought you might be interested in this if you haven’t seen it already.


    Just to let you know what happened. I tried to post this a few minutes ago but didn’t work. Everything I wrote disappeared, but my email address and name were still there.


    I put spaces in the link ’cause I thought maybe WordPress wasn’t alowing any links at all for some reason. If this posts then I guess that is what the problem was.

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