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  1. OrionRa says:

    The JoS has nothing to do with anything current. The author of that site was also in that group. She got away from it and followed Enki without all the negative stuff associated with JoS.

  2. OrionRa says:

    I know. Also, don’t worry, I’m not now or will ever go back to being dark as long as my spirit is who I am. I’m just looking for new ways to do what needs to be done.

    • Salty says:

      OrionRa, Glad to hear you aren’t going back to the dark! 🙂
      Anyway, one of these days I will go back through your comments and show you the one that stood out to me the most, but it is too late to do that tonight. Someday, whenever I have the time I’ll do that.
      Have a good night.

      • OrionRa says:

        Haha, I’m sure most of my comments made you jump a bit 😉
        But then again I am known as a shit disturber. I don’t like how the world is turning out, I never go along with what others are doing, I’d rather be a vagabond on my own path fighting the good fight (by any means necessary). How is your isochronic tones/binaural beats meditation development coming along?

        • Salty says:

          The only one that did take me aback was last nights JoS, Enki stuff.

          Not good to dwell on dark stuff. Dwelling on that attracts negative entities/spirits/demons (masking themselves as beings of light) and as you probably know they can influence your thinking. In extreme cases one can be possessed. One has to use discernment.

          I don’t have as much time as I’d like to listen. I definitely benefit from listening to it though.

  3. Salty says:

    OrionRa, I didn’t mean that in a nasty way!! Please don’t be offended!

  4. OrionRa says:

    Lol at serious problems. No, this was the only time someone else posted on my behalf here. I’ve just seen so many things by now that programming doesn’t affect me much and I see the world from behind the scenes rather than what the 6 o’clock news will show.

  5. OrionRa says:

    Like I said, it’s nothing. I asked my wife to reply to something and as usual she messes it up and posts on here. I found a site called childofenki, the person used to be part of joyofsatan same as I was when I was younger. I’m staying gnostic, but in trying to figure out who are evil and who are the good guys, as Amitakh put it…good seems evil and evil seems good, I’ve found that some groups try to link Enki with Satan, but they’re not the same thing. So I’m going to become a Sumerian Gnostic where I include the sumerian religion into my growth.

    • Salty says:

      Aha!!! I knew it! You sounded So different sometimes and I thought there was at least one other person commenting, or, that you maybe had some serious problems.
      I didn’t see your NVM up there when I commented before.

  6. OrionRa says:

    I was part of JoS, then gnostic till now. I have a calling back to Enki, I found your site.

  7. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    I found some of our comments from last year re birds etc. Also your comment re Amitakh article somewhere under those ones. I put the link in comments in the 1st Vatican Post.
    This link should go directly to the comment. If it doesn’t, then I guess WP doesn’t do that.
    pollyann says : March 16, 2013 at 11:29 PM

    • Salty says:

      Hi Polly,
      I don’t know if I should keep putting Amitakh stuff here. If you are going to do a Post on this article let me know and I will put it there too.

      # 63.
      Some of Amitakh’s words >>> “heninous act, horrifically barbaric act, horrendously cruel behavior.”
      Go Amitakh!!!

      And >>> “Humans are on the culling list!”
      We know this already but… Exactly!!!
      They don’t like our genetics, they kill us! They have been doing just that for a long time.

      Good article! Go Amitakh!!!

      • pollyann says:

        Salty, I really don’t know right now! I am undecided. Ha ha! If I have something to say about an article of hers I’ve usually, not always, gone back to an old post and put it there if I didn’t want to start a new post. I haven’t posted a new one in a while. I manage to catch her new articles quickly and I’ve seen her last ones.

        Here is the last post I did on her, as far as I know right now, for future reference, from December 2013 (The Latest From Amitakh):

        I wasn’t planning on writing anything about her last few articles so a new post was not on my potential itinerary. I will say I’m glad I don’t live in Denmark! I don’t think humanity is falling apart as a collective, I think some of the beings here (different percentages have been given by different people) are not viable as what we know as humans while a certain percentage of the population is reaching new spiritual heights, new levels of awareness and new strength of purpose.

        It’s OK to leave what is already here.

        • Salty says:

          Hi Polly,
          So, put comments in the thread link above from now on. Right?

          I’m glad I don’t live Denmark too! Although I won’t be surprised if they start training us in this part of the world to accept that sort of thing here. In some ways they already are.

          Things need to change. What is going on is a Horror show! . The depravity, perversion! People are becoming So degenerate! It’s sickening!!! And hard for me to believe that it’s even possible that people can sink so low, but they do, and it’s keeps getting worse and worse!! I don’t even want to think about what the future holds. 😦
          Wynn talks about viables too but he doesn’t use that word.

          Marius was murdered because of his DNA, and like A said why couldn’t they just sterilize him.
          I guess Marius was a ‘useless eater’ in their eyes, just as tptb consider most of us to be, and they are ramping up the extermination process on us.

          Tptb whoever they are, are the ones that gave us our DNA. We are their experiment. They have decided that some of us aren’t worth keeping around, and to get rid of the nonviables, all of us have no choice but to go through all the Horrors of what they are doing to get rid of them. That’s a crewel way to go about it. Are there 2 different ptb at work here? it looks like it to me, I hope so, and if not, then we’re screwed! We are just an experiment to them.

          • pollyann says:

            Yes, from now on please use that post I linked above for any new comments about Amitakh’s articles. Now that I’ve found it again I remembered that’s why I started it in the first place. I’d forgotten about it. Thank you!

  8. Salty says:

    Just to clarify Above, where I say >> “I’ll read the other article I just posted again”,……. I’m talking about your comment .>>> “Not to forget, the gull (yes?) was sitting on the pipe when the pope was being chosen.”

    I just now seen your 2nd comment above my comment above.

    Re >>> “If it happened last year, too, then this has the feeling of a trained, staged event for the religious and less like an omen” I wondered about that too. Also the gull and crow.may be protecting their territory.
    Anyway, It is tied into biblical stuff (listen to Begley for a few details, there’s more though) and it is a significant occurrence in the Christian community.

  9. Salty says:

    Crows are spies!!! I know that from personal experience and as you know I’ve talked about it before. I’ll take your word for it about the gulls.
    I’ll read the other article I just posted again, but off the top of my head I don’t recall it saying anything about that.
    Also maybe there is something in my post(s) from last year about that. Maybe in comments in one of those posts.

    The Christian community is going nuts!

    I’ll put more stuff in comments in my 1st Vatican post as I find it. Not sure at this point that I’ll be doing more Posts about it. Maybe I will, I’ll see.

  10. pollyann says:

    If it happened last year, too, then this has the feeling of a trained, staged event for the religious and less like an omen.

  11. pollyann says:

    You must be referring to the doves being attacked by the crow and gull. Not to forget, the gull (yes?) was sitting on the pipe when the pope was being chosen. All of them must be spies. Lol!! I’m not kidding.

  12. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    Like I said (re my Vatican Post) I bet Amitakh will have something to say about that.
    I’m not much into omens, but sometimes you gotta wonder! Especially when something like this happens. No coincidences.
    If you listen to Begley, turn your volume down at the start.

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