Animal Rescue

I’ve been noticing for the last few years there are a lot of people, of all ages, around the world who came to Earth to rescue animals from ignorance, abuse, neglect and torture.

I’ve watched dozens and dozens of dog rescue videos of late, especially those posted by “Hope For Paws” in Los Angeles.  All but one I’ve seen had a happy ending.  This is only a single example of many dog (and other animal rescue organizations; see in India, for example, about the rescue of elephants) but it’s the one I came across most recently.  Dogs, as well as other animals, respond extremely favorably to human love, Western Medicine and socializing with other animals.

It is amazing and gratifying to see the transformation of animals who’ve been rescued by capable, loving people and I thank all of them profusely.  I believe people who devote themselves to animal rescue are working with the Devic Kingdom (Nature Spirits) whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Anything having to do with the neglect and abuse of children, adults, animals and environments sets me on fire.  There are no words to describe the way I feel when I see these things.

I’m including a very short, very disturbing foreign video of the reaction of a dog to a rescuer who was beaten his entire life and who rather quickly responded (thankfully) to the love and care of the rescuer and others.  This is a case of extreme post traumatic stress in the dog.

Please be advised this video hurts to watch at first unless you don’t have a heart so if you think it will be too traumatizing, don’t watch it.  I’m not kidding.  (For some reason, the dog in the picture below is a different dog than the one shown in the video.)  I hope the video won’t be removed because of infringement.  I don’t mean any harm.

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Men at Work – Down Under

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Kallstrom Endorses Trump

I come across people who understand the spiritual significance of the shocking craziness of this election cycle and others who don’t and probably never will.  My feeling has been there is a lot more at stake, and it’s damn serious,  than just another staged election.

I’m not very familiar with Mr. Kallstrom but I’d say he “get’s it.” (2 min., 14 sec. video)

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Putin Defines His Role

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The Magnetic Field Did Not Collapse This Week (suspicious0bservers)

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The #1 Risk to Earth; Suspicious0bservers

Way to go, Ben!!  An excellent summary in my estimation!


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Steve Olson; April 20, 2016

I’ve been watching this guy’s videos for more than a few months.

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Apple Valley Shooting Blitz – Bizarre Story

More insanity.  I don’t even know what to write.

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Burning Feet

The bottom of my feet feel as though they are burning.  The sensation began this afternoon.  The few times I’ve experienced this there’s been a small earthquake in my locale.  We don’t have big quakes.  I am posting to see if I am correctly perceiving what my feet are telling me.  🙂

P.S.  I’ll add my general locale.  New England.  This could pertain to the whole Northeast.

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Reverse Speech: Donald Trump & Pope Francis

I love reverse speech!

Reverse speech expert and founder, David John Oats, and talk show host, Jeff Rense, listen to speech reversals of the Pope and Donald to see what each is really saying subconsciously.  This audio was posted at website, “Veterans Today,” on March 11, 2016.  The link to the audio is at the bottom of the article.

Fascinating!  🙂

Reverse Speech: What people are really thinking

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