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I have looked at a vast amount of “alternative” material on the Internet over the last 15 years but even so I’m sure there is just as much I did not see. I know for fact a lot of material has been removed. I do not use any one website’s material or any one person’s material as a baseline, or yardstick, with which to judge, or evaluate, other ones. I guess one might say I am freelance. Haha! I have my own internal, intuitive mechanism which nudges me to look at or evaluate different websites or material for the sake of adding to my knowledge base about this planet and what is really going on.

What I do is, look for correlations between various material to discern trends, or where things may be headed, or what might be on the near-future menu for this planet. I’ve experienced time and time again that what is examined closely always changes. It no longer remains what it was or what it’s potential was. Because of this I think we, collectively, those of us paying attention and concerned, have mitigated many probable events.

Just because I post a link at my website (or anywhere else) does not mean I believe, or disbelieve, everything to be found at that website. I find value in all sorts of material and consider what is useful for me. I’m always looking at various details to add to my larger picture of what is happening in, on and off planet.

I am way beyond looking for truth at this point. I’m looking more at trends in upgrades of consciousness and spiritual understanding (while in the background the world continues to churn) than I am at mundane trends, though much of the former is not on my blog.

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Every year I cry when I see the nighthawks migrating southward overhead. Hundreds and hundreds of them swooping and swirling; high, then low; eating on the go. A magnificent sight to behold every August!

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Uncertain CERN

Things haven’t gone as planned with the Large Hadron Collider.  This will be a relief to many people.


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The Strength of the Constitution

After ALL I have witnessed concerning the efforts of a certain faction which is hell-bent on shredding and undermining the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, if we did not have the Constitution we have and those willing to defend it, this country would be much more of a perilous mess than it presently is!

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#Occupy Peace; Gerald Celente

Gerald, of Kingston, NY, has a mission for the U.S..  Do you agree with it?


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Universe Has An Expiration Date

According to this article:


There are non-mainstream people who’ve talked about this universe winking out but I think they are expecting it much sooner.  :-)

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Financial Crash

Why is the alternative media so hell-bent on using their capable intent to bring on a global financial crash??  More and more are jumping on the bandwagon as September/October draws near.  (By the way the U.S. market always tanks in October as the sun’s rays wane and we take in less Light.)  This crash meme, which has spread like wildfire, is predictive programming and people are willingly giving their permission, focus and energy for it to occur.  I really don’t give a rat’s behind about shemitah.  That is a ritualistic, religious “law” prediction for a small segment of the world’s people according to a questionable god with a small “g.”

Yeltsin has stated U.S. interest rates are going up this Autumn.  (Notice I don’t use the word Fall.  There’s a good reason I don’t.  People and things tend to Fall Down in Autumn.)  OK.  So?  People who will be effected by an interest rate change have had plenty of time to make adjustments.  We are good at making adjustments and adapting to changing circumstances.  We are also good at entrepreneurship and ingenuity.  It’s the American way.

I am so irritated with alternative media on this subject.  I find their behavior to be irresponsible.  Have we not yet learned that thought and intent are creative forces and that our collective creative forces are habitually usurped by those who know how to use them to their advantage?

A random example: because I follow Gerald Celente (whom I respect) on Twitter, this tweet keeps showing up on my feed and I have no patience for it!


The financial crash beast has been properly named over and over.  Once something is truly and exactly named it can no longer exist as it was.  It must change, so please stop expecting and intending it.  Sheesh!

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U.S. Military Families Being Targeted

This is very important!!!


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If you want to watch, or participate in, public changes being made by the people at often lightning speed, then take a look at the website — Change.org.  It’s amazing.  Even if you don’t agree with some of the petitions circulating, the fact that this method is working very quickly to make changes says a lot.

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Russian Roulette

Just swell!!  How much do you value your life?  I hope a heck of a lot more than this youngster did.


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Psychological Changes

Are more and more people becoming what is termed sociopathic (to use a defining word, for lack of a better one) as opposed to empathic?  I’ve never noticed so much flippancy coming from people as I have recently.

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