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I have looked at a vast amount of “alternative” material on the Internet over the last 15 years but even so I’m sure there is just as much I did not see. I know for fact a lot of material has been removed. I do not use any one website’s material or any one person’s material as a baseline, or yardstick, with which to judge, or evaluate, other ones. I guess one might say I am freelance. Haha! I have my own internal, intuitive mechanism which nudges me to look at or evaluate different websites or material for the sake of adding to my knowledge base about this planet and what is really going on.

What I do is, look for correlations between various material to discern trends, or where things may be headed, or what might be on the near-future menu for this planet. I’ve experienced time and time again that what is examined closely always changes. It no longer remains what it was or what it’s potential was. Because of this I think we, collectively, those of us paying attention and concerned, have mitigated many probable events.

Just because I post a link at my website (or anywhere else) does not mean I believe, or disbelieve, everything to be found at that website. I find value in all sorts of material and consider what is useful for me. I’m always looking at various details to add to my larger picture of what is happening in, on and off planet.

I am way beyond looking for truth at this point. I’m looking more at trends in upgrades of consciousness and spiritual understanding (while in the background the world continues to churn) than I am at mundane trends, though much of the former is not on my blog.

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Tit for Tat is Their Way

Hmm.  Perhaps the real Boris was snatched by the West (in retaliation for Russia protecting Edward and what will yet be revealed) and a look-alike of Boris was assassinated close to the Kremlin.  A wild notion!!

[To trace the trail my thoughts took, the second I saw quickly announced words (right after the assassination became public) of President Obama’s condolences to Russia yesterday I knew something was not kosher.  Tonight I happened across an article at Red Ice Creations questioning pictures of the dead body and I also happened across a link at Transients Info which goes to a blog post by The Saker about this being a false flag.  That’s when the “wild notion” hit me.]

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Insecure Homeland Security

It seems to me that there must be resistant forces in Homeland Security so their funding is being threatened to make them comply.  I have not delved into this matter but it’s what keeps coming through the ethers every time I see a headline about it.

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Earth Has Second Moon


Thanks, Watchers!!

Now, isn’t that an interesting article I happened across?  Gee, who started talking about the second moon many years ago?  Hmm.  Tee hee!

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Of Snow Storms and Space Battles

Duncan is happy for the first time in his life (wow, that must be a story in itself!!) and gives a too short but very interesting weather report concerning the many snow storms passing over the eastern U.S.

See “Duncan O’Finioan Weather Report” at Off Planet Radio; Feb.1, 2015 (scroll down at the link, or search the site if necessary; no direct link to the correct page with the photo of the archer and the comments under the video):


Meanwhile, later this month, David Wilcock put up a new post after having been on C2C the night of Feb. 25th PST and I chose this excerpt from his report:

“Right now there is a war going on in space, directly over our heads. It really heated up in mid-December of last year and is ongoing.

That war is reaching a decisive tipping-point. It appears that it will turn out very favorably for the vast majority of everyone on earth.

In fact, it appears that it is already impossible for the Cabal to win this. Time still has to play out before it is visible to everyone, but the end is almost certain.

Many of the power elite groups on this planet are in a state of complete chaos and turmoil as a result.”


Link to description of the C2C show:

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2015/02/25  (A quick discussion of Saturn is included which I find very interesting partly due to the Wes Penre Papers and partly because I know what Saturn is.)

C2C show on YouTube: (http://youtu.be/GHJvF6_CHLc)

Man, oh, man; if the reader is in the dark as to the significance of why I posted these two updates (Duncan’s and David’s), don’t ask me to explain!!  One has to be keeping track of the right things and have been doing so for a very long time.  Lol!!  Regardless, it was important for me to make note of what I posted.

The people I’ve mentioned have very different viewpoints and orientations on “things” but I always find the correlations!!

Also, Amitakh Stanford often discusses the ongoing space battles.  There is one particular article I have to find and will post the title when I find it in this index:  http://www.dassta-ma-kha.net/postings/index.html

The article I was thinking of from the index linked above is, “Blowing the World Away,” from October 2014.  “…invading enemies from the sky…”  One would have to read many articles from that index to understand Amitakh’s perspective on the invaders.

OK, Divine Mother, Creator of All; I am still with you!!!  You heard me!  Lol!!

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Watch “Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video)” on YouTube

Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video): http://youtu.be/tH2w6Oxx0kQ

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Global Rituals

My perspective is BPEarthWatch has pointed out quite interesting things. Caution: Global ritual at hand. If those who see this have been paying attention all of these years the following videos will make sense. BPEarthWatch is attempting to shed some light on a whole lot of hidden, yet in our faces, occult symbolism and activity. The second video is even more telling but the first video should be watched first so the viewer understands BPEarthWatch’s line of thinking and questioning which led to his making the second video.

First video:

“Rothschild’s Reveal Their 2015 Plan” 12 min., 42 sec.


Second video:

“The Line of Sacrifice/Superbowl/33rd Parallel” 7 min., 36 sec.


I’ll wager that this years’s Super Bowl half-time show will take the cake as far as being dripping with occult ritual and symbolism.

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Drone Crash on White House Grounds

Oh, the irony and the humor!!


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Linda Moulton-Howe Joins Josh Tolley

The name of the YouTube video is — “Whistle-blower: “There is Something Wrong with Earth’s Core!”

(I don’t know but maybe there is something actually right with the core of late!! Lol!)

I’ve heard Linda (Earthfiles) talk about these mysteries on C2C at least a few times and here she is again. She talks about the booms, explosions, vibrations, metal scraping noises, earthquake swarms, etc., which are growing in number of reports as well as magnetic pole reversals and the core. It’s always good to listen to her so thank you, Linda!

A 29 min. video, published Jan. 10, 2015:


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The Wes Penre Papers


Wes, I think you’ve nailed it on so many scores, especially about what I call the “We Are All One” meme of the Age of Aquarius. I would suppose it’s the grand deception even the elite have fallen for. I completely understand your discussion about becoming ONE with the “Creator.” It’s the false creator, as you point out. We don’t have to become ONE with anything. We wouldn’t exist if we were not already that.

A destiny of merging into a social memory complex (re: “we are you in the future,” which is coming from various sources — such as RA, Cassiopaeans, Pleiadians) that is actually run by a super-computer (yes, you, Google) is not my idea of heavenly bliss. However, Wes’ thoughts on the matter are interesting to contemplate.

Wes has presented a massive amount of research in his papers. He is currently posting Level V, paper by paper. I’ve read levels I – IV and what has been posted so far in Level V. It took a lot of time but was worth it to me. I like his Disclaimer at the bottom of each page. That’s the best way to do research.

Wes, there are so many subjects I could discuss with you and share what I know but I just don’t have the motivation or interest anymore to get involved in long conversations over the Internet (now that so much of what was on my mind for many years was captured via technology and, no doubt, added to the collective AI, haha). Most of my conversations are now telepathic. I posted a link to your papers once before, and waited to see what the reaction was on the inner planes, but there was so much static I decided to take the post down for a while.

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The Mentally Strong


People who are well-integrated, psychologically speaking, and congruent would display many of these traits. They tend to make good bosses.

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