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I have looked at a vast amount of “alternative” material on the Internet over the last 15 years but even so I’m sure there is just as much I did not see. I know for fact a lot of material has been removed. I do not use any one website’s material or any one person’s material as a baseline, or yardstick, with which to judge, or evaluate, other ones. I guess one might say I am freelance. Haha! I have my own internal, intuitive mechanism which nudges me to look at or evaluate different websites or material for the sake of adding to my knowledge base about this planet and what is really going on.

What I do is, look for correlations between various material to discern trends, or where things may be headed, or what might be on the near-future menu for this planet. I’ve experienced time and time again that what is examined closely always changes. It no longer remains what it was or what it’s potential was. Because of this I think we, collectively, those of us paying attention and concerned, have mitigated many probable events.

Just because I post a link at my website (or anywhere else) does not mean I believe, or disbelieve, everything to be found at that website. I find value in all sorts of material and consider what is useful for me. I’m always looking at various details to add to my larger picture of what is happening in, on and off planet.

I am way beyond looking for truth at this point. I’m looking more at trends in upgrades of consciousness and spiritual understanding (while in the background the world continues to churn) than I am at mundane trends, though much of the former is not on my blog.

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Scary Picture of Erdogan

Oh, my gosh!  Look at this picture of President Erdogan.  Years ago, photographers used to publish flattering pictures of well-known people. Since the Internet began the opposite has been more often true and even more so today.



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Stock Market Today

Something tells me the U.S. stock market will have a banner day today.  I will check back later after the market closes.  I am tentatively guessing it will be up around 200 points or more.

3 PM.  It looks like I’m going to be horribly wrong!  Hmm.

6:21 PM I really blew it!  The signs were there.

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Bashar al-Assad is Not the Bad Guy!

This article affirms my intuition about Assad.  Monica Maggioni, Director of Italy’s Rai news service, talked with Bashar very recently.

Posted at Worldcrunch:


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NYC Sicilian Mafia Warns IS

Had you thought you’d already heard it all?


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Linda Moulton-Howe on Inter-dimensional Battle

This is dated news but still very much relevant – Linda talks with Pete Santilli on his show of that name about what remote viewers found.  She has an ongoing investigation into what’s causing the booms and other unidentified sounds people all over the world have been hearing for several years.

This video excerpt from the full show was published Jan. 13, 2015; 6 min. 3 sec. long.



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The Financial Trail of IS

Businessmen in 40 countries, including G20 countries, are financing these terrorists, or Daesh.



Putin answers reporters questions in late 2014 about who IS really is. They are hired mercenaries:

(https://youtu.be/OQuceU3x2Ww)  7 min. 11 sec. This video cannot receive too many views.

Edit 11-20-15: The whole geopolitical scene has been changing with lightning speed since this year’s G20 meeting in Turkey.  It’s incredible to behold!

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Bombardment of Energy

An extremely nasty wave of energy hit the planet on the eve of Nov. 3rd. There was major solar activity going on.  I know because I felt it and it was brutal.  I felt it because I am highly sensitive.  The energy was so awful I marked it on my calendar.  I sense the energy was a bright, glaring, agitating red.  Look at all that’s happened since.  It’s been one crisis after another.

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Schism in Washington

From RT (Russia Today): “Who’s in Control?  Obama or the Generals?” by Finian Cunningham

This article makes things much more clear and aligns with the apparent inconsistency in policy we’ve been throwing our hands up in the air over.


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Putin Dream

I had another Putin dream a short while ago.  It’s been a few years.  My Putin dreams are always fascinating.  I think this is the fourth one.

I will only make a note and say, in the dream, he was my father and I hadn’t seen him or my sisters in a long time. We were reacquainting.

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CERN is Not Benign

People say CERN is not effecting anything.  It’s nothing to worry about.  I don’t agree! Good grief!!  I don’t have to read anyone’s material to know one way or the other.

The following link goes to a page at Solari with an excerpt included about CERN from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.  That’s the only part of the page I am referencing.  I have not listened to any of the audio files.


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