The Latest From Amitakh (2)

I closed comments on the above link, “The Latest From Amitakh, (1).” It’s long. Please continue on with this new post. Thank you.

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20 Responses to The Latest From Amitakh (2)

  1. Laura says:

    Hi, anyone heard from Amitakh. It has never been that long.

  2. pac says:

    Is she gone? That last post of hers from October 25, 2015 sounded very much like the end.

  3. pac says:

    Read Amitakh’s latest about Syria and the refugees swarming into Europe. I figured there would be those looking for something in Syria. What a horrendous and horrifying way to go about it.

    #143 “Zen Sung Zen,” posted Sept.14, 2015.

  4. pac says:

    Geez, Amitakh; it’s as if we had a long conversation before you typed up your latest article, “Brain Tunneling.” You mentioned some of the exact things I had been thinking or reading about recently.

  5. pac says:

    No one posts pictures like Amitakh does!!! See her latest. “The Sceptic Non-Defence.” Way to go, Amitakh!!

    Concerning the Earth being bombarded with a multitude of harmful energies for years, I’ve had an internal, silent scream going on for over a decade.

  6. pac says:

    There’s been a lot of exposure over the years about those “entities,” I won’t term them human, who want to radically reduce Earth’s human population via initiatives such as Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guide Stones because they think we, who are human, are a blight upon this planet. Amitakh writes about human genocide in an entirely different light and has repeatedly stated it’s already occurring in a covert manner which I have not seen anyone else explain in the same way. Most people think of genocide as in masses of dead physical bodies. Not her.

    “The Changing Ratio of the Human Race.” Posted June 27, 2015.
    Index to her articles:

  7. pac says:

    “Humanity for Sale,” #132. When Amitakh writes she puts her most important messages at the ends of her articles. Innocuous. If her use of the word and the context in which she uses it resonates, take heed! Think!

    It’s very interesting what she writes about how people are being encouraged to “be their true selves.”

  8. pac says:

    When a planet becomes, or is made to become, very unstable, it is ripe for attack by outside invaders.

  9. pac says:

    In her latest, “Ten Thousand Reasons,” she knows of what I have been struggling with — the radiation, and I don’t mean from the 2011 Japan disaster.

  10. pac says:

    I have to wonder if the fifth move which Amitakh mentions in, “Five Moves,” dated March 6, 2015, but doesn’t name, will be President Obama’s speech today for Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama to “commemorate” what happened there 50 years ago. I’ll be watching to see what happens in that town (and elsewhere in relation) surrounding this time frame. Be alert!! Turmoil and upheaval could be imminent.

    Index of Amitakh’s articles:

    I was 8 years old when that bombing occurred and I do, vaguely, remember it.

  11. pac says:

    In Amitakh’s latest article, “Electrified Brains,” #120, posted posted March 1, 2015, she writes about the dangers of LED lights. Yes. Aside from the digital devices and machines she mentions, a lot of cars have LED headlights now and I find the lights hurtful when I drive at night. Also, I have a small LED flashlight which I carry in my coat pocket and the first part of the Warning label states: “LED lights can cause eye damage. Do not shine directly into eyes.”


    I recall an older article when Amitakh described her clairvoyant ability to see microscopically which is apparent in this latest article. Not a lot of people can do that… yet.

  12. Vadal says:

    So has anyone ever gotten into contact with Amitakh recently.

    • pac says:

      Vadal, I don’t know anyone who knows her and it is unlikely that anyone who does know her as friend is going to talk about her on the Internet.

  13. pac says:

    Amitakh writes again about what she calls the Red Dragon. Right before she posted her latest article, “Minority Rules,” (#115; Jan.9, 2015) I was looking at something about the Red Dragon because of her mention oftentimes of this entity or, perhaps, body of entities. One of the Red Dragons of history has Welsh origins which go way back (800’s A.D.), but I have no idea if she is using the moniker in the same vein. Index of her articles:

    The short story, “Natives of the Red Dragon,” included at the following web page is utterly fascinating. I would love to see the book mentioned!

    I’m not interested in the more recent book and movie of the same name. (The infamous Hannibal Lechter.) Those are a diversion from what I am tracing.

    Actually, I am trying to understand what off-world group is behind the Muslim Brotherhood which may sound way off-base from what I just wrote above. While thinking about that group (which Barack and his birth family are loyal to) the Red Dragon, as written about by Amitakh, came to mind for an unknown reason.

  14. pac says:

    Amitakh posted a really interesting picture of a “cloud” in her latest article of Dec. 28th, “Being-in-the World.” She states 2015 will be more “tumultuous and gory” than 2014 and the aliens plan on putting on a “fireworks” show. Display is the word she used. It would have to be even more noticeable (and undeniable) than the level of what’s been reported at NUFORC in recent years to qualify, in my mind, for a match of what she wrote.

    My thought: If the fireworks show materializes, it will be their physically visual announcement of presence.

    Her Index of articles:

    Important: note what she writes about the mock trials Malaysia conducted in 2011.

  15. pollyann says:

    “Cool the Sun,” #113. Amitakh states the sun is hotter which is making the earth hotter.

    She has stated this before in earlier articles.

    • pollyann says:

      Something needs to be pointed out. At least 145 people were murdered (sacrificed) in Pakistan yesterday and then the sun fired off a large M-class flare, almost an X-class, hours later, around midnight EST. I see a correlation. Watch how the sun responds to major violence on this planet.

      • pollyann says:

        Since time is a tricky thing and it is different outside of earth’s atmosphere, the violence and flare could have been simultaneous if perceiving from the sun. That is an afterthought but, I have noticed significant flaring on the heels of major violence on Earth.

  16. pollyann says:

    Anyone carrying, or pulling in, the Divine Mother’s essence to a great degree is going to be attacked incessantly in an endless number of ways. Anyone who publicizes this fact about herself puts herself in even more danger. There will be hordes waiting in the wings to discredit and malign the person, and attempt to abolish what the person carries within.

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