Here a Spy, There a Spy…

I’m sorry but I cannot help but laugh at this point. It’s just one story out of piles and piles of similar stories. The Snowden Effect is still rippling.

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2 Responses to Here a Spy, There a Spy…

  1. pollyann says:

    Just maybe they will continue to expose each other until there is nothing left to expose.

  2. pollyann says:

    After posting the above I checked on Amitakh’s website and she now has another new article on spying. “Spying Has Crossed the Line.” Dassta-Ma-kha #52. What’s interesting is she states the Five Eye Group, comprised of the U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, is being blackmailed by an outsider group who is threatening to expose this Five Eyes activities even more so. How can ANYONE keep up with it all??

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