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The #1 Risk to Earth; Suspicious0bservers

Way to go, Ben!!  An excellent summary in my estimation! Also, http://www.spaceweathernews.com Advertisements

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T.S. Erin Could Be Trouble

I find it to be very bizarre the way Accuweather used the word, “ANCHORED” to depict the high pressure in the Atlantic. Anchored — is a VERB. The act of anchoring. I don’t think Erin is a good name for … Continue reading

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Upstate NY Memorial Day Snow

I mean, really!!  Lol!!  Perhaps some of the skiers were happy. http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/confused-weather-drops-over-30-inches-of-snow-on-memorial-day-weekend/

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Granbury, TX – Sixteen Twisters!!

GASP!!  This is ghastly!!  That many tornadoes in one episode is difficult to grasp.  I want to report that for the two nights before I was seeing tornadoes in my mind.

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Weather Chat (3)

I’m starting a new post for this subject (obviously).  I have the feeling this new winter storm, Nemo, is going to generate a lot of commenting.

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Weather Chat (2)

I am adding a second post for weather since the first one is long and further down the home page.  It’s snowing again here.  We are in the 3-6 inches range.  Next week we are supposed to have temps. at … Continue reading

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Weather Chat (1)

I have a friend who is a self-proclaimed “weather freak” and needs a place to discuss weather events in her area because she loves to talk about the weather.  It’s an open thread.

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Bubbles in the Puddles

It was quite balmy here today for February; it was around 60 degrees.  Tonight we had lightning, thunder, hail and rain but the most bizarre thing of all is the big bubbles forming in the puddles as the rain hits them!  Next comes … Continue reading

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Dry, Desert-like Air

We were supposed to have rain right after midnight last night but the humidity level was at 17%!  The dew point was 19.  Yep, that’s really conducive to rainfall in April.  As usual, the skies were being sprayed yesterday before a precipitation event arrived and … Continue reading

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Lots of March Rain

As of 9 PM tonight we’ve had 4.3 inches of rain from this particular storm.  That’s pretty good.  So far this month the rain total is over 8 inches.  The ground is soaking it up here and the brooks and streams are … Continue reading

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