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The #1 Risk to Earth; Suspicious0bservers

Way to go, Ben!!  An excellent summary in my estimation! Also, http://www.spaceweathernews.com Advertisements

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Solar Anomalies

Every year since 2007 something unprecedented has happened on the sun. I’ve written about this before and will look later on. This year the sun’s magnetic north pole flipped south but the south magnetic pole has not flipped north yet. … Continue reading

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Solar Object

Watch this 20 second video from HelioviewerScience!!  LOL!!  Do you see the object leaving the sun??  There will be those who say, “It’s nothing; nothing at all!!”  LOL!! (http://youtu.be/tdMrCnmCAos)

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Full Halo CME March 5, 2013

Full halo CME’s are unusual.  This one exploded off of the *farside of the sun.  Perhaps I can find out how many of these have occurred in the last ten years because this one may be very significant (in my … Continue reading

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Is The Sun Dying??

Yesiree!!  I believe it is.  I love this!!  Way to go, Eric!! http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2013/01/31/is-the-sun-dying-eric-dollard-reveals-3-secrets-about-the-sun/

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Jordan Maxwell with Clyde Lewis

I was listening to Jordan Maxwell on the Clyde Lewis show last night on my local AM station.  As always, I like listening to him because he spells things out very clearly.  He kept saying (this is his opinion based … Continue reading

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SOHO Quick Takes

SolarWatcher puts together another interesting, quick video.  People say that all of these objects and apparitions which show up on the solar images are nothing, nothing at all.  Lol!! SOHO’s Greatest Hits – Volume 7 http://youtu.be/7Lc3dxH1WsI

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I noticed a few night ago how unusually bright the waxing moon was and tonight, as it is full, I just saw beams coming off of it, like a sun. There is a bit of a chem-haze passing in front of it … Continue reading

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Comet Plunges Towards Sun

Here’s a fabulous shot of an interaction between the sun and a “comet” via SOHO posted at http://www.spaceweather.com  Amazing!  How’d that feel??? DOOMED COMET: A newly-discovered comet is plunging toward the sun and probably will not survive. The encounter is too … Continue reading

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Autumn Rain and Butterfly Delight

We had 1.3 inches of rain last night.  I was lying in bed and what sounded like a jet coming in very low over the house was actually the rain hitting the roof as the storm system swept in and … Continue reading

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