Strange Force Over North America

What the heck is this??

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Analysis of FBI Video Concerning LaVoy Finicum’s Death

A fascinating, in depth, ongoing investigation by Peter Offermann into the FBI video of LaVoy Finicum’s death.  He’s attempting to answer some of the questions surrounding this video.   As of this moment there are four parts and more coming.

Part 1) An Analysis of the FBI Video of the Road Block resulting in Lavoy Finicum’s Death.

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Check out Hurricane Alex!

Oh, a hurricane in January in the northern hemisphere.  Yawn.  How normal!  🙂

Info and track at this link to The Earth Observatory website:

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Russia Has a Helping Hand

I realized quite some time ago that Russia has some unique guidance.  The Russian Federation is being assisted by “unusual” helpers, shall we say?  There’s no doubt in my mind.

Preston James writes in the linked article at, “Veterans Today,” of January 9, 2016 titled, “The Secret Global Reset Agreement”:

“It is almost as if Putin has had someone or something advising him that is incredibly intelligent.”

The Secret Global Reset Agreement

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Solari Update

January 2016:  The Space-Based Economy

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Mistaken Identity

C’mom folks, be sure of what you are seeing before freaking out and hitting the panic button! There’s been quite a few of these mistaken identity episodes in recent years. Nowadays the whole cavalry is called out over any call to the police. Geez, I think I would die of embarrassment if I did this:

We have a nation of PTSD syndrome from the chronic trauma.

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Scary Picture of Erdogan

Oh, my gosh!  Look at this picture of President Erdogan.  Years ago, photographers used to publish flattering pictures of well-known people. Since the Internet began the opposite has been more often true and even more so today.


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Stock Market Today

Something tells me the U.S. stock market will have a banner day today.  I will check back later after the market closes.  I am tentatively guessing it will be up around 200 points or more.

3 PM.  It looks like I’m going to be horribly wrong!  Hmm.

6:21 PM I really blew it!  The signs were there.

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Bashar al-Assad is Not the Bad Guy!

This article affirms my intuition about Assad.  Monica Maggioni, Director of Italy’s Rai news service, talked with Bashar very recently.

Posted at Worldcrunch:

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NYC Sicilian Mafia Warns IS

Had you thought you’d already heard it all?

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