Another Change of Seasons

Greetings, Autumn!  It’s only the change of seasons yet hordes of people have ratcheted up the anxiety level for this month over the last year with the vast number of memes about major disasters lurking around every corner and from every direction, many tied-up with Jewish religious dates and moon cycles, which spread like wildfire over the Internet, ping-ponging around the planet.  The world switched over to a Jewish meme?  YouTube is very good at spreading disaster memes because of it’s “Recommended For You” function based on your Watch History.  Be careful of what you buy into and spread.  We need more people willing to clean up the collective consciousness, not make it worse.  Perhaps it’s too late for that.

Is there a medication for an addiction to never-ending, potential drama?  🙂

About Autumn, please be careful about Fall.  People have a tendency to lose their balance, fall down and go boom at this time of year.  Please pay attention to where you are going!

I can understand how the noticeable, waning hours of sunlight can cause anxiety; it’s a trigger to get ready for winter.  Chipmunks and squirrels are rapidly laying in their supplies.

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