Coast to Coast AM – Joe Meyer

Thank YOU, Joe Meyer, for being more tempered in your views of world finances and not buying into the imminent crash meme!!!!!  I swear there are hordes of people who are gleefully hoping it happens.

“In the first half, former NASDAQ arbitrator and long-time stock market analyst, Joe Meyer, discussed why he believes there’s a lot to be positive about amid all the bearish sentiment in the economy, including good values in the energy and precious metals markets. Other economic positives in the US right now are low unemployment, record low interest rates, cheap gasoline prices in most states, a low rate of inflation (around 2%), and low mortgage rates. “I don’t see the collapse that everyone’s preparing for,” he commented.

The stock market has tripled in value in six years, and so far we’ve only had a 10% correction, Meyer continued. One problem the US faces is we have the highest corporate income tax rate in the world, and this discourages corporations from remaining here. A precious metal bull market for gold and silver began in 2001, and remains alive and well, he said, even though there’s been some retrenchment from their highs. Meyer spoke about natural gas being a good investment (through the owning of pipeline company stocks). The gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels, is widely used, and has a widespread infrastructure, he cited.”

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