Financial Crash

Why is the alternative media so hell-bent on using their capable intent to bring on a global financial crash??  More and more are jumping on the bandwagon as September/October draws near.  (By the way the U.S. market always tanks in October as the sun’s rays wane and we take in less Light.)  This crash meme, which has spread like wildfire, is predictive programming and people are willingly giving their permission, focus and energy for it to occur.  I really don’t give a rat’s behind about shemitah.  That is a ritualistic, religious “law” prediction for a small segment of the world’s people according to a questionable god with a small “g.”

Yeltsin has stated U.S. interest rates are going up this Autumn.  (Notice I don’t use the word Fall.  There’s a good reason I don’t.  People and things tend to Fall Down in Autumn.)  OK.  So?  People who will be effected by an interest rate change have had plenty of time to make adjustments.  We are good at making adjustments and adapting to changing circumstances.  We are also good at entrepreneurship and ingenuity.  It’s the American way.

I am so irritated with alternative media on this subject.  I find their behavior to be irresponsible.  Have we not yet learned that thought and intent are creative forces and that our collective creative forces are habitually usurped by those who know how to use them to their advantage?

A random example: because I follow Gerald Celente (whom I respect) on Twitter, this tweet keeps showing up on my feed and I have no patience for it!

The financial crash beast has been properly named over and over.  Once something is truly and exactly named it can no longer exist as it was.  It must change, so please stop expecting and intending it.  Sheesh!

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