Bright, Pink Sphere; Vickie Acklin

For your contemplation and wonderment… or not:

Interesting.  Different people will have different interpretations depending on their mind set and beliefs.  I don’t have a perspective on this one.  It’s just plain, old interesting.  I don’t have any feelings one way or another while seeing it and it doesn’t have any personal meaning to me other than I like the color, but there’s a lot of phenomena such as this happening around the world which can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Thanks for sharing what you witnessed, Vickie.  I’m glad it was a joyful experience for you.

6-19-15:  See my comment to this post.

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One Response to Bright, Pink Sphere; Vickie Acklin

  1. pac says:

    Amitakh Stanford has a new article out as of today and in it she describes Min Min lights. The name of the article is, “Coexisting with Other Sentient Beings.” See index at this link for the article:

    To me, what Amitakh describes could be a very plausible explanation for what Vickie witnessed. An informative article, Amitakh, of a different kind.

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