Fire Alarm

On Tuesday morning about 3:30 AM I awakened from an intense dream.  In the dream someone was repeatedly pressing on my very loud apt. buzzer to wake me up.  It was the same buzzer I actually have.  There was a fire in my building and someone was trying to wake me from outside to tell me to get out.  As I awakened, I thought this scenario was really happening in the physical and waited a moment to see if my buzzer was indeed frantically being pushed.  There weren’t any piercing sounds from the many smoke alarms in the building during the dream, which was odd.  All was quiet.  I began going over in my mind what I would want to do if a fire was actually occurring before escaping my apt.

Later that day, almost exactly twelve hours later, I went upstairs to go out the common front door I share with the three other apartments in my section and taped to the window in the door was a notice from management stating they will be testing the hallway and laundry room smoke alarms in my building this Friday during a certain time frame.  This is something management does during annual inspections in January but I don’t recall this being done again 3 months later in the four years I have lived here.

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