Sea of Lies; Mountains of Lies

It’s become quite murky on this planet!!

IF any of the official story has a shred of validity:

Hmm.  Let’s see.  The co-pilot is heard breathing normally on the recording until the end, yet he had “made the decision” to crash himself, the crew and a plane-load of people into the Alps.  Yep.  It sounds like a normal, every day decision to me; one which would not have any bearing on a person’s respiratory rate.

Very “Manchurian Candidate-ish.”

Anyway, Jim Stone Freelance’s investigations are always interesting whether you buy what he says or not.  Even if Jim is right or mostly right it doesn’t stop “them” from doing what they do.  They are so far beyond being held accountable for their actions while we spend untold hours, weeks, months and years trying to get at the “truth.”  The truth doesn’t have an effect, or an effect that really matters, on what they do.  I don’t think they really care if their lies are found out; they are in too deep after years and years of lies.  They will still do what they do, at a level way beyond any of us being able to change things.  Whatever the mission involved with this plane crash, it was accomplished.

There is one thing I can say for sure and that is something horrible happens, a cover story is released, public speculation and investigation are monitored to see how the cover story holds up to scrutiny, adjustments are made to the cover story and, meanwhile, the covert wars at the upper levels continue regardless of what we figure out.  I’ve watched this scenario repeat time and time again since 9-11.

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