Life Today

Well, if we aren’t flash frozen by the coming ice age and if we aren’t radiated to death by a certain group of aliens who want our genetics, and if we aren’t fried by a massive CME which wipes out all technology and sends us back to the Stone Age, and if we aren’t forced to go berry, tree bark and root picking because the food supply lines have dried up, and if we aren’t corralled by foreign troops in our streets and “disappeared,” and if we aren’t killed in a civil war, and if we don’t perish in a plane crash, explosion, flood, earthquake, mudslide, volcanic eruption or tornado, and if we aren’t nuked to smithereens, and if we aren’t eaten by cannibalistic reptilians, and if we aren’t flattened like a pancake by a comet hitting our planet, and if we aren’t turned into zombie robots via trans-humanism, and if we aren’t rendered penniless and destitute by 100 forever-looming economic crashes, then….  I just don’t know what we’re going to do!

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