Linda Moulton-Howe Joins Josh Tolley

The name of the YouTube video is — “Whistle-blower: “There is Something Wrong with Earth’s Core!”

(I don’t know but maybe there is something actually right with the core of late!! Lol!)

I’ve heard Linda (Earthfiles) talk about these mysteries on C2C at least a few times and here she is again. She talks about the booms, explosions, vibrations, metal scraping noises, earthquake swarms, etc., which are growing in number of reports as well as magnetic pole reversals and the core. It’s always good to listen to her so thank you, Linda!

A 29 min. video, published Jan. 10, 2015:


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2 Responses to Linda Moulton-Howe Joins Josh Tolley

  1. pac says:

    “There Is Something Wrong With Earth’s Core!,” YouTube video at the following link:

  2. pac says:

    I took a quick look under the YouTube video a few minutes ago and it’s the usual endless number of theories, conjecture and nonsense concerning the topics Linda discussed.

    Right now I tend to think it’s just more intensification of what has been effecting the solar system for quite some time. It’s cosmic.

    What I would really like to think, esoterically that is (haha), is Divine Mother’s in the process of reclaiming her creation but I don’t put that out there as a theory. It’s only a thought of mine which could only be known in hindsight.

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