Billy Meier’s Latest Warning

Michael Horn, Billy Meier’s U.S. representative, was on C2C the other night and, as always, was an interesting guest.

Ptahh, Billy’s contact, lays the blame mostly at the feet of the EU for the crisis in Ukraine which is a switch from the usual — blame the U.S. solely for everything. (It’s like the IS terror. Look to some of the Arab countries and Arab individuals as to who is funding them, not just U.S. involvement.)

If one doesn’t know who Billy Meier is, it is worth the time to find out. He goes way back in the effort to warn the world.

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One Response to Billy Meier’s Latest Warning

  1. pollyann says:

    The Paradox:
    How Trying to Outsmart the Prophecies
    Leads to Their Fulfillment

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