“We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet”

Actually, I thought it was darn interesting when President Obama made that statement, and I thought it was an unusual psychological strategy in and of itself at the time, because no matter what he says people around the world will shred his words every which way, and all sorts of spin and opine will be attached to his words, and to the meaning behind them. His statement certainly grabbed attention on a global scale and gave everyone pause!! Mirth!

The following James Jeffrey quote from this CBS News article had me laughing this morning because everyone trashes our country and “leadership” now, we are the world’s bad guys in the eyes of many, yet look at the amazing meaning in these words:

“The problem that we have is that we have a president who does not understand that saying we do not have a strategy sends chills down the spine of everybody in the world,” he said.

For James Jeffrey to have stated that, don’t you think the President’s words were very effective?


And hold everything for a second!! I came across a bunch of articles this morning on my Google News page which are no longer to be found that talked about a victory in Iraq against the Islamic State yesterday which would not have occurred without U.S. air strikes. Gasp!! Imagine that!! The U.S. is being given credit for something positive for a change instead of being blamed for every single problem in the world.

Despite so many saying the CIA, or whoever related to the U.S., created the Islamic State to further war in the Middle East (yes, I get that; don’t misinterpret what I am pointing out) when do you ever read articles saying the U.S. did something “good” in a foreign country, especially like Iraq??

If my nuance is lost on you then just forget you read this post. Lol!!

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2 Responses to “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet”

  1. pollyann says:

    I’m still laughing many hours later about this quote from James Jeffrey:

    “The problem that we have is that we have a president who does not understand that saying we do not have a strategy sends chills down the spine of everybody in the world,” he said.

    Every time I look at it I burst out laughing. It’s not sarcastic laughter and I’m not laughing at Jeffrey but it’s still true that many around the world look to the President to see what the U.S. will do, like him or not. OMG, if the U.S. doesn’t have a strategy on something then people begin milling around in confusion. Lol!! I don’t mean any of my laughter in a derogatory way whatsoever. It’s pure delight. It’s just that the U.S. is always being trashed in every way possible yet, even still, when the President speaks — people listen.

    I still love the U.S. If you hate the U.S. then go live in the Middle East. I really think we could straighten this country out if people would shut the heck up for a few moments, stop trashing this country, and find positive ways to right things. It’s definitely doable.

    Remember what Cayce said (definitely not a quote): the more you rail at others, the more that energy will end up back in your lap and will set up disturbing forces within your own being.

    IOW — what you give out is what you will get back.

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