Observations on Ferguson, MO

I have a lot of thoughts about the karmic, super full moon explosion and subsequent ricocheting effect on events which occurred in Ferguson, MO on Aug. 9th but I will continue to keep most of them to myself for now; maybe forever. 🙂 I am waiting for the actual truth to come out but I certainly do have my viewpoint as to what really happened between Brown and Wilson based upon initial and subsequent reports. Interestingly enough, I received one of my intuitions to check my news feed home page just as the story began hitting the news streams and I kept a careful watch for the last two weeks, even spending hours three nights in a row watching a live stream of the protests long after midnight.

At one point a tall, African-American man was holding back protesters with one hand and with the other hand holding back law enforcement. He was down on one knee determined to keep the two groups apart. I have to hand it to him, whoever he was.

The response from people both local and across the country was astounding in that many different groups galvanized to keep the whole situation from spiraling completely out of control and becoming worse than it already was — not only that but from spreading across the country out of the Heartland of the U.S. Community leaders, citizens, the press, pastors, “Observers,” mediators, police, the Oath Keepers, onlookers, and numerous others were invested in diffusing the dangerous and explosive energies at hand and being witness to the outflow. This was a display of how much people actually care about our country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and each other despite those who wish to agitate, divide, steal and destroy.

I’ve listed a few items I find noteworthy.

A link to Wikipedia describing what the name Ferguson means, and how interesting that Scotland is wanting its independence from the UK!!:


Capt. Ronald Johnson of the Missouri State Police definitely and without a doubt shifted the prevailing energies in Ferguson with his appointment to take over security in Ferguson despite criticism of some of his tactics afterward. I honestly felt he was a part of a Divine Intervention taking place whether he knew it or not.


Here is what the Missouri Oath Keepers have to say about what happened, in a letter to Governor Nixon:


Mark Gray made a stunning connection of a recurring trident theme with this post on his Facebook page. A must see. His whole news feed is interesting to read:



For those who understand the esoteric reality of energy harvesting, you will know the rage generated in Ferguson was harvested for other uses.

Another post from Mark Gray. Do not be fooled into fighting the police and government for the fraud ISIS!!!


Michael had a life-changing spiritual experience just weeks before his death, described at the beginning of the following article:


At the end of the article it states what he wrote on his Facebook page the night before he was shot; a part of which was, “Everything happens for a reason.”

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3 Responses to Observations on Ferguson, MO

  1. pollyann says:


    OK. I’m listening. There will be a whole lot of people across the country holding you to your word, President Obama. 🙂

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