Planned Illegal Immigrant Invasion

Jim Stone, an American has been living in Mexico for over two years because his life is in danger, has been writing that Mexico has been cleaned up and is a good place to live because most of the criminals have been moved into the U.S. In other words, helped to come to the U.S. intentionally. Believe it or not, that is what he says.

Jim has been writing other articles about bringing illegal immigrants to this country as well. If children are brought here the law states their families can come, too.

I just came across this post at Rumor Mill News about plane loads of illegal immigrants being brought to Massachusetts in recent weeks. What it sounds like is a definite plan to spread these people who are convicted criminals and/or illegal immigrants all over this country to cause trouble and strife, and to overwhelm resources.

The post at Rumor Mill is based upon a Fox News report.

I have to wonder… is this the reason, or one of the reasons, for the FEMA camps?

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