Soul Searching

It was recently suggested that we, in the U.S., should do some soul searching by someone who, imo, does not understand what a soul is. In order to engage in soul searching one must, first of all, have a soul to search. It is rather important. (Mirth!) Not everyone has a soul. There are different levels of consciousness and no, we are not all of the same construct at this level. That’s why there are so many problems on this planet.

An individual soul, though not physical, forms because of sojourns in physical realities. It contains all of the accumulated experiences, thoughts, emotions and themes from those sojourns. The Spirit, that which sprang forth from the Source, is not imprinted by physical lives. It remains true and untainted. The soul personalities seek perfection and reunion with the Spirit. If one has an individualized soul, one will have a conscience and will be able to reflect upon one’s own behavior and thought processes, as well as others’, and learn from them. One will experience empathy towards others because the soul understands there isn’t any real separation and that what one does to another, one does to self. The soul understands cause and effect, and accountability.

I speak from extensive experience when I write that people who don’t have an individualized soul can mimic those who do, but if you are as intuitive as I am you will always have the feeling that something very fundamental is missing in these people.

While it would be a mistake to go around accusing people of not having a soul, when one understands this concept, a whole lot of things going on with this planet begin to make sense. FWIW.

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