The Letter V

Vilify. Vindictive. Venomous. Vehement. Voracious. Vile. Vicious. Violate. Vitriol. Vomit.

So many words with harsh or unpleasant meanings begin with the letter V. I wonder why. I’ll add more as I think of them.

However, there is VIRTUE and I love the word Vanquish. Victory. Valiant.

Trivia — do you know what V-mail is? Lol!

Vociferous. Viper. Villain. Vain. Vengeful. Vermin. Vertigo. Volatility. Vendetta.

Apparently, the letter V carries a lot of power.

In my copy of, The Healers Handbook, V means Velocity in hyperspace language.

In order to make the V sound one must place one’s top, front teeth on the inside of one’s lower lip and vibrate the throat.

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