Putin Winks

A friendly wink, or a hoodwink.

Vladimir does a much better job of being convincing and acting sane. I always have the feeling I am contemplating someone who has a conscience and, therefore, a soul. I cannot say that about other presidents. There is a very common perception that many leaders are sorely lacking in the sanity department.


I am certainly one of those who “feels better” about Putin than about other presidents and have for many years, even if I am being hoodwinked. 🙂 I am by no means enamored of any leader so do not read any starry-eyed worship into what I wrote.

No one can get away from the global banking cartel and those who set policy. They didn’t land in those positions by being nice. They are still here and we still have to deal with what they do because it effects all.

See my comment to this post!!

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One Response to Putin Winks

  1. pollyann says:

    I know what it is. We have Obama working to take this country down and Putin is working to build his country up. Which person’s work makes more sense?

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