Oh, Silver!

Items about silver I have read or heard recently:

The London Price Fix, in place since the late 1800’s, will be ending August 14, 2014.
Northwest Territorial Mint

Silver will be electronically tied to the U.S. dollar and traded on the global market, no more petro-dollars starting mid-July.
An episode from Caravan to Midnight, John B. Wells and guests, V and W.

Also, I ask:

Will the Treasury notes be, once again, Silver Certificates as they used to be?


The U.S. will be going back to Treasury Notes, no more Federal Reserve Notes.
David Wilcock.

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3 Responses to Oh, Silver!

  1. pollyann says:

    About July 20th, 21st. Clif High. Half Past Human.

    Under video:

    “Published on Jul 10, 2014
    Immediacy Data Intelligence Report forecasting future manifestations via predictive linguistics covering the period from July 2014 through 2025 (main focus 2014/2015). Language about July 20/21. Linguistic structures about magnetic pole shift, magnetic anomaly over the American continents, UV, other rads, diaspora, housing USA/NA summer 2014, housing renaissance 2015 onward, USA corps disguise products, bifurcated currency, dynamic forms of ‘protest’, debt repudiation, 5/five new charismatic leaders, new SOCs, earth expansion effects, drought reinforced by fracking, glacial shifts planet wide, impacts on ocean current, weather patterns. SpaceGoatFarts connections. Housekeeping issues. If on FIXED income do NOT send us donations. Instead spread the energy outward. Thank you sincerely.”

    The word WAVE comes up aside from major financial happenings.

    This speech by Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief, reportedly the 5th most powerful woman in the world, which is highly important is mentioned.

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