Too Much Stuff

I have a new rule.

If you go to look for something and you can’t remember what you did with it because you’ve moved your things around, always trying to be more organized and have less stuff, then that means you still have too much stuff. There’s no point in having too many things if you have to waste time looking for things too often.

This time it was a tennis ball. I washed one of my down parkas and was looking for the new tennis ball I had for just that reason. It goes in the dryer to fluff the coat while it is drying. I miraculously did find the tennis ball but not before I had a discussion with myself about having things that take up too much time finding.

Extrapolate this to one’s mind. There has to be all sorts of things in one’s mind that are “lost” and can’t be found because there is TOO MUCH STUFF in the mind.


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One Response to Too Much Stuff

  1. pollyann says:

    I still haven’t figured out why I put the tennis ball where I did. I must have been on one of my cleaning jags. The only reason I found it when I did is because of intuition. It should have been in the closet with my laundry soap and laundry card. Duh!!

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