It’s Not About Desert Tortoises

It’s not about Cliven Bundy not paying fees, either. I had to post this because, of course, I am watching this story with keen interest and I am NOT depending on the mainstream media to inform me about what is really going down.

This is not some staged event put on by the controllers and some of their programmed, soulless players/actors so throw that idea out. It’s false.

Oath Keepers and other concerned people have headed out there. I sense that many of these people had lives during the American Revolution and are reincarnated at this time. FWIW.

Do not mistake the soulless ones, and there are many on planet, for those who do have a soul, and therefore, a conscience.

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2 Responses to It’s Not About Desert Tortoises

  1. pollyann says:

    I haven’t looked into it but apparently the Harry Reid/Chinese solar farm deal is something that fell through before this BLM land grab attempt of Cliven Bundy’s ranch. Even still, they want all of that land for something and all of the other ranchers, who did pay their fees, were forced out, Cliven’s being the last one.

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