New Chapter – Blood Pressure Take Care

I discovered this product last night in a search for a benign supplement which honestly lowers high blood pressure and also discovered this product is out of stock all over. The manufacturer is out of stock. That tells me it works, unless I find out differently. I am on a couple of lists to receive an email when it is restocked and I also sent an email to the company.

My mate had his yearly physical mandated by his work and for the first time ever having his BP taken anywhere his BP reading was high. I asked him if he wanted to try something non-toxic instead of being forced to go on meds so he doesn’t lose his special driving license at work and he said yes. Thus my search. I immediately found the New Chapter product. I know that BP readings can vary greatly but because this was a work physical and the reading was high at that medical office he has to do something about it which satisfies the guidelines at work. He was told to make an appointment with his primary care physician. That man will surely prescribe meds.

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2 Responses to New Chapter – Blood Pressure Take Care

  1. pollyann says:

    New Chapter looks like a really good company.

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