John B. Wells with Gary Yantis

IMO, it is imperative to see Caravan to Midnight’s episode #12 from 2-24-14 with Gary Yantis as John B. Wells’ guest.

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2 Responses to John B. Wells with Gary Yantis

  1. pollyann says:

    Gary Yantis is convinced HAARP is not an issue. There is a lot of controversy about that.

  2. pollyann says:

    I’m not convinced this system being held over the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles north of Hawaii — and I’ve been watching it for weeks on the wind map, and it’s why the so-called polar vortex occurred over the Midwest and why California has been in such a drought — is going to be a devastating deluge full of radiation when it comes ashore soon and dumps rain on the west coast. Logically, that is what could/should/would happen but… As Gary suggested, this could be a non-event when the rains occur. I say there may be mudslides, etc., from heavy rains if heavy enough.,55.32,481

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