Old Habits

Can someone please explain to me why my mate is still (unconsciously) leaving bits of food on his plate for the dog when he is done eating even though there hasn’t been a dog around to clean his plate in three years?? I guess I should be thankful he doesn’t put his plate on the floor but puts it on the kitchen counter.

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5 Responses to Old Habits

  1. pollyann says:

    Sily, I’m not sure what to do because he asked me to reduce the portions I give him a few years ago. He eats less dinner than I do. He got this habit from his dad who did the same thing for many years with his dogs. He is very regimented about doing what his dad did and is not aware that this is so.

  2. sily says:

    Consider this possibility — your buddy is getting full when he is eating (too much food on his plate), it matters not at all if there is a dog in the house or not. You can experiment by serving him just a very small amount of food on his plate and see what happens. If my theory is correct, with just a small amount of food on the plate, he will not leave any at all.

  3. pollyann says:

    I am aghast at this one example of how the human mind can be so disconnected from a change in its reality and will still perform an action such as this even though the reason for doing so no longer exists.

  4. abioluminist says:

    sorry that was my comment above but it didn’t log me in 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    sounds like you answered your own question 😉 unconscious old programs loom on until inner awareness shines the light on them it seems. sometimes it takes alot of present moment awareness and will-power combined to “defeat” even simple old habits.. but they can be changed.. per one’s willingness 🙂 aye matey! 🙂

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