Old Alex Collier Excerpts About Dec. 3, 2013

OK, Alex; the date is coming up fast. 🙂 We are going to find out. Sophia, are you ready??


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25 Responses to Old Alex Collier Excerpts About Dec. 3, 2013

  1. pollyann says:

    Hey, Alex! I don’t usually think in black and white terms. I’m just interested in what you think about this date now. I’m interested in your perspective and why you think your Andromedan friends thought it was so important back then. What really happened today, this new moon day, on an esoteric level?

  2. pollyann says:

    Thanks, Salty! I appreciate it. Everyone regrets giving dates. Lol! Well, except for Louis Turi. Lol! BUT, I must say, the fact that Comet ISON made it’s close approach to the sun so near to this date is very interesting to me. Maybe Alex will have something to say soon about today’s date. He’s been quiet for some time.

  3. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    I have been meaning to say but I keep forgetting!
    I don’t remember which video it was in but someone asked Alex for a date for something or other that the A’s said, and he said that he has given dates in the past and regrets doing that, so I think that’s probably what he would say about Dec 3/13 too.
    He might have said that in his most recent video Feb/13 but I don’t know if it was that one or not. I still haven’t re-listened to it. If you are interested the link to that video is in comments in my End of the World post last month.

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