Missing Persons

Over 600,000 people reported missing in the U.S. every year. That is a staggering number.


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4 Responses to Missing Persons

  1. pollyann says:

    Sophia!! WAKE UP!! Is this really what you wanted for your experiment?? You need to wake up and start cleaning house.

  2. Salty says:

    This isn’t about weather disasters but it is about “outright predation of human upon human”.
    In this new interview with Kevin Annette at about 16 min or a bit more he talks rampant child trafficking in church and State systems. Child trafficking within the Children’s Aid Society in Ontario Canada. and says they are paid $100,000.00 by the Govt for each child.
    He also mentions a case in Long Island USA.
    Kevin Annett (ITCCS.ORG): Pope Francis, Vatican join with China, Putin for world currency & power

  3. pollyann says:

    This is what is so frightening to me — how a mega-disaster such as this, and even in a lesser disaster, can quickly become an even more macabre scene of outright predation of human upon human.

  4. sily says:

    What better time to snatch up orphaned young children for human trafficking, than right after a severe weather event, such as Tacloban. Not just young children, but also harvesting organs of older folks. During the chaos of the immediate aftermath of weather disasters, I think there is a possibility for much evil to occur. I picture transportation into the disaster area already being set up before the storms have hit.

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