Aryan is Another Name for Martian

Jay Weidner talks about the Aryans as well as some interesting information about a 12,000/13,000 year solar cycle. He mentions the Norway Spiral as well.

Part 3 of 5 (12 min./16 sec.):


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2 Responses to Aryan is Another Name for Martian

  1. pollyann says:

    God, I wish more of these people who put out this kind of detailed, researched information could get themselves on the same page!! 🙂 The list is long. Did the Martians/Aryans (not the Hitler Aryans) really leave because they are expecting this earth-frying CME?? The video is from 2011. I know that NASA put out a public warning about A CME like that. Amitakh wrote about the faction who was unable to restart time in time (LOL!!) with their time machine since they do that whenever things become too chaotic on earth periodically (like now). Their window closed. So, WTF?? She also wrote about various beings desperately trying to get off of this planet — melting the sea ice (or polar ice) so as to unearth their buried craft.

    What happened when ISON was at close approach to Mars??

    I had a spontaneous vision come into my mind back in 2003 which showed me standing on Mars’ surface scanning the sky anxiously, knowing a comet was coming and was going to hit the surface. Then I went back underground. I never had a vision like that again, of being on a different planet.

  2. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    I remember him saying that about the Aryans and I’d never heard that before.
    Here is the transcript of that interview. On my screen where he says that about Aryan is across from the left side where it says “Sacred Mysteries” on Part 2. Jay’s answer begins 2 paragraphs above that..
    There are 3 parts. Part 1 >>>

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