Thought For the Day (Cayce)

Think on This…
Because others have neglected or do neglect or mistreat or take advantage, know that if ye rail on them ye are creating poison within thine own system. But if ye do not rail on them, it turns upon THEM! But BLESS them, rather.

Reading 1311-1

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One Response to Thought For the Day (Cayce)

  1. pollyann says:

    In certain instances I am not convinced about the “BLESS them” part. 🙂 For instance, those involved in Activating Aaron Alexis, what happens if I bless them?? I cannot know the results, if any. Cayce isn’t here today in this very changed world but I figured out the “do not rail on them” part a long time ago. I saw what occurred if I did not rail. It can be quite an inner struggle sometimes to not rail. In today’s world, people are encouraged to rail at others, to feel justified in railing at others, but there is always a price even if one does not see the connection.

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