WMD in Iraq

I’m going by memory and I hope my memory serves. About three weeks ago, or more, I heard the most fascinating account on the Clyde Lewis show on AM radio given by a military whistleblower. It may of been a Best of Clyde Lewis repeat show. I did not hear the beginning of the interview but this man told of how there really were WMD in Iraq and it was his job to destroy them. They were in an underground installation which was guarded by an Iraqi Commander and the packing crates these huge containers were cased in were labeled with an address in Alabama belonging to the Carlisle Group which is owned by the Bush family.

The chemical inside of these huge bombs was so toxic that one drop would kill a person and a protective suit was no protection at all. There was no antidote or treatment for exposure to this substance.

Clyde’s website: http://www.groundzeromedia.org/

I don’t have a link to the interview right now. This story has stayed with me since I heard it so I decided to post about it.

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