John Lash – The Archon Solution

Interview by “Shattering the Matrix”:

This video sums things up. There is not a divine plan in progress, evil is not a part of “God” (the Divine Source), there is no divine balance here. The archons can remote review, use telepathy and can create virtual realities which fool humans, even create false alien abduction scenarios. The archons are NOT of the Divine Source. They were an unintended error. I don’t believe the archons had anything to do with the creation of humans either. They wish!! Also, I do not believe that the archons are greys and reptilians.


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27 Responses to John Lash – The Archon Solution

  1. Salty says:

    If you are interested there are a lot of recent talks by John here. I haven’t listen to any yet,
    I think he mentioned something about Jan 17? 2014 in one of the YT video we listened to. Not sure of the date but maybe he’ll say more in one of these.

  2. pollyann says:

    If the strange sounds, the authentic ones, being heard around the planet in the last two years are Sophia, from the core sun of her body, sending out a call to home base in the galactic center as John Lash has suggested, as she realized she was cut-off from her source, then I would imagine she is saying, “WTF have I done now?? HELP!!”

  3. pollyann says:

    There has been a lot of discussion about victim mentality over the years and how it began. I say it began with Sophia’s error and I now understand it in a way I did not before from her experience. There is a tendency to blame the victims (us) but that’s not correct, imo. We (those of us who are human still, lol) are the manifestations of her creative experiment so we are experiencing her dilemma as our own. We are also the ones to assist her out of the dilemma as we wake up more and more so she has to wake up more and more, too.

  4. pollyann says:

    [Here she goes again. He he.] John Lash (paraphrased) talked about how Sophia became an unintended part of her own creation experiment in her exuberance for her creation, and part of her consciousness became trapped into what formed as the earth as the energy shot out from the galactic core and spread outward. When Sophia, as her consciousness embodied this planet, realized she was cut off from Source… Think about that. I’ve been thinking about it for months. This is how pervasive victim mentality began (which opened the door to the opportunists), how the pervasive feelings of abandonment began, how the pervasive feelings of unbearable loneliness began, how the pervasive feelings of being cut-off from Source began which have plagued us ever since. We are experiencing what Sophia has experienced as a result of her error; not the other way around. Do you see the profoundness of this?? Think about this for a few days. Because of the shock of this happening to her, she fell into a deep, dissociative slumber. Sound familiar??

  5. pollyann says:

    I imagine we would not be bound to this dense reality of matter anymore with the stuck/captured part of Sophia’s consciousness. We would be free to move on.

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