A Creepy Thing

I was in the back yard smoking a cigarette with my neighbor yesterday and as we were headed inside I glanced down at the sidewalk because this thing caught my attention. First thought, it was some sort of long, thin, curled, dead leaf about 5 inches long of an unusual color which was a tan color. My feet were bare and as I was listening to what my neighbor was saying I brushed it with my big toe to turn it over so I could satisfy my curiosity that it really was of a vegetable nature. It was alive!!

I looked more closely and it was a seething mass of thousands and thousands of little, worm-like larvae, each about 1/4 inch long and the diameter of a piece of thin spaghetti. I could see through their bodies and they had tiny, black eyes. They were in constant motion, crawling over each other in a forward motion, moving slowly along the sidewalk towards the building. The weirdest thing was the constant shape they maintained as they moved in tight unison — curvy, narrow, pointed at both ends with what looked like curled edges.

I’ve never seen this kind of thing before and I have been in all sorts of local, natural environments in all seasons, looking at all sorts of interesting flora and fauna. I’ve seen many ant migrations during which hundreds of thousands of tiny ants will travel in a large, closely packed, trailing blob; from one location to wherever they are going.

I was thinking, “Where did this thing come from? Did it fall out of the sky with the downpour we had the day before??” It was strange enough to shake me up and give me the creeps for the rest of the day. Things of nature don’t usually creep me out. Tres alien. I really don’t know. Maybe one of the horses next door coughed it up and it somehow migrated over here. Lol!!

More weirdness — a while later I went out the back door again to check on it and most of the thing had disappeared!! There was only a small blob of it left, about the size of a quarter. I looked for the rest of it but did not find it. Then again, I went outside one more time a while later to check on it and there was only a tiny piece left and it had already dried up. There is very little traffic in and out of the back door — mostly my neighbor or me to have a cigarette and no one was around during that time frame from the other apts.

Not only did this thing appear for some reason so I would notice it, but it had the audacity to disappear a short time later without leaving a note!!

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7 Responses to A Creepy Thing

  1. pollyann says:

    Both times I saw these things, it had rained the night before. Either they have fallen from the sky or they came up out of the ground nearby. That’s my opinion for now.

  2. pollyann says:

    I don’t think any of these things could have fallen from a tree and made it to the sidewalk. If I find anymore of them they will be getting the bleach treatment. I don’t kill things outside but these things are way beyond my sense of acceptable wildlife. LOL!!

  3. Salty says:

    Weird!! Could they have fallen from the trees?

  4. pollyann says:

    LOL!! There is a bunch of those things out on the sidewalk!! I counted four of them. None of them are as big as the first one I saw but they are there, slowly moving along. WTH?? I could have made a mountain out of a molehill when I first wrote about them but they are extremely weird. There are five horses, four chickens and two goats next door so perhaps they are coming from over there. Maybe they are being excreted out of an animal’s rear end. I really don’t know. I took a couple of pictures with my antiquated cell phone but I cannot upload the pictures.

    I just sprayed them with a bleach and water solution and they started scattering. In the middle of each mass is what looks like a small, cream colored maggot so that must be their queen!! EWWW!! They can’t be anything beneficial. Gross!! LOL!!

  5. pollyann says:

    Speaking of strange “things,” Amitakh just posted a new article titled, “The Invisible World Government.” Dassta-Ma-kha, #48. http://www.dassta-ma-kha.net/postings/index.html

  6. pollyann says:

    Okay, Mom, I hear you. Lol!! I know you are expressing your care for me. However!! Anyone who tells me I should not smoke has bought into the propaganda about smoking. Tobacco, not laced with all sorts of toxic additives, is an herb and for some people it is beneficial. I won’t go into that whole scenario here. Btw, my mom smoked and it had nothing to do with her passing. IOW, it can’t be blamed on smoking. (Smoking and global warming are two of the current whipping posts for just about everything.) I feel she passed because two of her daughters self-destructed and she did not want to be alive when their lives ended.

    Regarding the “thing” I saw, yes, it was very strange. There is a small smudge of it left on the back sidewalk, near the door. The tiny worms are all dried up. As to where the rest of it went, that is one heck of a mystery!!

  7. That is very strange. Now you should not be smoking!

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