Oversoul (John Hogue)

I came across an interesting statement yesterday while reading an excerpt from John Hogue’s e-book, “Predictions for 2013 – 2014.” (Thanks, Salty, for the link. I prefer to use the Amazon link in this case.)


In it he talks about (paraphrased) how the Oversoul comes in through the back door of the subconscious and if one has badly aspected planets in one’s zodiacal 12th house (which rules the subconscious) in the natal chart then what comes through cannot necessarily be trusted. It will be distorted.

How many people have ever considered that before??

One’s natal chart is the blueprint of the master program governing one’s life and experiences. All other programming is attached to the master program.

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24 Responses to Oversoul (John Hogue)

  1. Salty says:

    Could just as well be them as it could be just part of the normal working of this universe illusion matrix we live in.

  2. Salty says:

    Kuiper belt aliens?

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