Hood River Cherry Company

My God!! I have some of their cherries and they are right, I’ve never tasted such a sweet cherry in my life!! On the bag they ask for feedback so I will have to send them an email.

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6 Responses to Hood River Cherry Company

  1. Salty says:

    Denny’s! Grrrrrr!! Hubby still goes there for coffee but I never do!

    Anyway, I have my lazy days but I do enjoy cooking, Also, and most importantly, it takes my mind off the goings on in the world. My whole being has been very very troubled and sad because of everything, and it seem to me it’s rapidly getting worse by the hour now, instead of by the day.

    The “coming soon” recipe page has almost arrived. Mucho thanks for the suggestion Polly! 🙂
    Do new pages posts show up on WP reader??
    Please let me know if you see it there.
    There is a Recipe button at the top now but I’m still working on what to say there. After that, and within the next hour or two I should have my first recipe up there in the parent category, then I’ll do a regular post about it so people know about the new recipe button.

  2. pollyann says:

    I would share my bananas, too. I’ve been buying organic bananas lately which are produce from the Free Trade and Equal Trade projects. I feel as though I need the potassium in them. They are excellent. I paid $1.79 for a bunch of 5 large ones which seems like a really good deal to me considering how much other fruit costs. I’ve been buying less food but try to buy nutrient dense food and of good quality.

    See, Salty, I’ve noticed you tend to come alive and sound happy when discussing food and recipes except for maybe when we talked about Denny’s coffee. Lol!!

  3. pollyann says:

    I’m interested in your recipes. If I am then others would be. A lot of cooks don’t use measurements. They like to wing it!! I’d love to see your “coming soon” recipe page. 🙂

  4. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    I wish you could too! Thanks for wishing you could.
    Thanks for the complements!
    LOL!!! No I haven’t.There are a bazillion recipes out there. I don’t think anyone would be interested in mine. Also, except for baking I don’t measure things and most people like to know exact amounts of each ingredient.

    However!! Now that you mention it, in the future I might put up a recipes page.

  5. pollyann says:

    What a lovely post, Salty!! I wish I could share my cherries with you. They came all the way from Oregon by a very appreciated truck driver (in my book) and they are perfect. Hood River is closer to you than me. I sent them an email and will wait to see what they have to say. Your pie, or shortcake rather, sounds wonderful — have you thought of putting together a cook book?? I am very serious.

  6. Salty says:

    Cherries!!! Yum Yum YUM!!! I love cherries! My favorite are Rainier cherries but I like others too.
    I like all stone fruits. One of my favorite deserts is a glazed mixed fresh stone fruit pie with a few berries thrown in.
    I make a batch of shortcake biscuits and after that’s baked and cooled I line a large deep dish pie plate with the biscutes, add cream filling then pile in the mixed stone fruits and some berries, then pour glaze over it. I serve it with homemade whipped cream.
    If I’m feeling lazy instead of making shortcake biscuits I buy one of the more expensive cake ones. The cheap ones taste terrible!
    Any fruit ripened on the tree or vine is very Very rare in the stores around here! They are so green when we buy them it takes Many days for them to ripen. By ‘green’ I mean unripe, but color too sometimes.
    And the bananas!! Hubby loves bananas but they were so hard, green, and without any yellow on them whatsoever he had to wait for almost a month until they had some reasonably ripe ones to buy. They just don’t ripen properly when they are that green and they taste awful.
    If I ever see Hood River cherries I’ll buy some. They sound sooo good!!

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