For Christ’s Sake!! Can someone unscramble this word for me?? It’s driving me nuts!! I’ve been trying on and off since Sunday and my brain will not make the connection!!


When someone figures it out I am going to be so embarrassed because I couldn’t.

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27 Responses to JUMBLE Puzzle

  1. pollyann says:

    Salty, the walls in this apt. were white, white when we moved in — the most glaring, blinding, whitest paint they can buy. They’ve discolored a bit from the steam in the bathroom and kitchen mixed with dust. Our water has iron in it. The ceilings are kind of high and it would be a nightmare even if I used a mop and the walls ended up coming out splotchy. That would drive me nuts looking at that and trying to fix it. I think I will leave well enough alone for now because at least the color is even toned.
    I ended up in a cleaning spree because I didn’t know what else to do with myself. It seems time has stretched waaaaaaay out for me and I am at a loss while most other people are flying around caught up in whirlwinds of busyness. That doesn’t appeal either.

  2. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    LOL! Thank you! Cleaning the top of the cabinets isn’t something I do every time but it gets dusty & greasy up there after a while and my glass things look awful! I can’t stand it!!
    Washing walls used to be a horrible job until I bought one of these flat microfiber mops.
    There are other brands but this is the kind of mop I mean. http://www.vileda.ca/en/mops/flat/
    The microfiber really does pick up more dirt. I prefer these mops for washing the floor also.

    I certainly can understand why you aren’t feeling up to snuff. The shock of what happened to your sisters is a horrendous thing to have to deal with, and the grieving process takes time.
    As for me I don’t know the why of it but I’m still bored a not interested in much, and lately I haven’t been too wordy myself. Things just aren’t interesting like they used to be. I hope this ‘phase’ passes soon ’cause I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes.

  3. pollyann says:

    I felt better between 8AM and 1PM today but now I am weepy and depressed again. More solar. I mostly finished my cleaning early except for there is always stuff needing to be dusted so I do it a little at a time. I even cleaned the tops of my kitchen cabinets for Salty. I don’t think I’m going to be washing any walls anytime soon. 🙂 More power to you!!
    I’m still bored and withdrawn. I’m become even more withdrawn since early last month and don’t know what to say anymore. Ah, well.

  4. pollyann says:

    Yesterday some of my neighbors heard me vacuuming and that started them on cleaning binges, too. There’s nothing like the feeling after things have been cleaned. It just FEELS better.

  5. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    I’m doing some serious top to bottom cleaning too. Yesterday was the bedroom. Today the kitchen, even on top of the cupboards where I have ornaments. I’m going to keep at it until every room is done. Today so far, and yesterday, it’s been mostly cloudy so it’s a bit cooler and I’m not pressured to get it done before it gets hot.
    Sometime before the cold weather starts I’m going to wash walls.. I do that every year and usually in the spring too.

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