What’s Happening to Us??

There are way, way too many opinions and perspectives out there on this subject.

I know one thing for sure. Events have changed me in ways that are very worrisome and disturbing. I’ve also noticed that other people have changed in profound ways and have no self-awareness of this being so, and they cannot understand why others react to them as they do.

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5 Responses to What’s Happening to Us??

  1. pollyann says:

    Don’t you think it would be hysterically funny if the ones causing all of the trouble and horror on this planet and who wield the power over all systems and resources had their consciousness replaced by benevolent consciousness?? I think I just might die laughing if that happened. I would definitely be rolling on the floor lmao for quite a while.

  2. pollyann says:

    For example: You know I keep track of what Amitakh writes about it and her perspective is well-known. Last night I was catching up with Franz Erdl’s latest posts and what he has been doing (he has little time to be reading other people’s websites and making comparisons) is a wholly different perspective on this replacement of consciousness being reported, what I would again term as “the covert alien invasion happening right under our noses.”
    Dolores Cannon is someone who, after interviewing thousands via accessing their subconscious minds through hypnosis, thinks what is happening is a good thing. She says the people she gets together with are all happy. 🙂

  3. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    Re “Events have changed me in ways that are very worrisome and disturbing”
    I know with absolute certainty that this is true for me too.

    Re ” I find this to be so strange.”.
    Me too! One persons explanation was that we are not able to comprehend these goings on now but they are for our own good. She got that info from an alien she communicates with that she trusts believes!.

    Anyway, I’m still hopeful that things will work out for good, but I certainly don’t think it will because of any alien invaders.

  4. pollyann says:

    I am going to write something rather cryptic, which I sometimes intentionally do. Concerning the covert, “alien” invasion which is reportedly occurring underneath everyone’s noses (and I can certainly understand why there are those who believe this to be absolutely true), one person’s interpretation of it makes it sound like a very dark and sinister event and another person’s interpretation of it is quite hopeful and promising. I find this to be so strange.

  5. pollyann says:

    I know that many events have changed my brain/body chemistry because they felt so severe in scope.

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