“The Secret Language of Destiny”

by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

I have this really cool book which I bought many years ago. It is quite unique and is a large-sized book with over 800 pages. You look up your birth date and you will find a wealth of information on your life’s purpose, karmic path number, what forces influence you and other details. It is very different than reading an astrological chart. I am on, “The Way of Inspiration,” and I am supposed to be channeling original ideas directly from the Divine so I can operate from an authentic source of inspiration and create something truly unique. I definitely see myself in the whole description given for this “Way.” It’s a great book to share with others so they can look up their own birth dates.

Heck, I’d better start moving before time runs out!! Lol!! I figured out a long time ago that everyone fits into a specific slot in this reality and this book explains that concept very well. The authors don’t use the word slot, I do.

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15 Responses to “The Secret Language of Destiny”

  1. pollyann says:

    Hiya, TheBloozah!! I am so sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reply. Make love stay with Oxytocin!! πŸ™‚
    The Language of Destiny is really fascinating and amazing to me. What a lot of work that went into compiling that resource!! Yeah, our base natures sure do cause a lot of problems. πŸ™‚

  2. TheBloozah says:

    I am laughing with irony, Pollyann – you posted this on *the most* painful day I think I have ever experienced in my love life, maybe life. The day after the bday of my It person, seeing pictures on Facebook of a birthday party I could have been at. The bday was of the person who had ended our relationship quite impulsively just days before I was to visit for my birthday the prior month. So, LOL Week of New Language + Week of Unconventional = Unstable and Bewildered in the end. I wish someone could point me to a tool that would help find the way back to Love, to the aura of wonderment, imagination, magic and play. Make love stay. I think this is a far superior tool than straight astrology, using statistical data in a unique and accurate way. Yet, some aspects of your day, relationship and destiny are dependent on an individual willingness to evolve past base natures – for instance I don’t like to be chased but am not solely interested in temporary pleasure. Sigh. Anyway, great thread, too.

  3. pollyann says:

    Thank you and you are welcome!! It’s an interesting read.

  4. Thank you so much, I value and appreciate your thoughts : )

  5. pollyann says:

    The Way of Mastery requires that you master a craft but first you need a mentor in that craft — one who has already mastered it. Just a thought I had, but becoming a master survivalist who then teaches others matches much of what you have said about yourself such as wanting to go live in Nature. Like I said, it’s just a thought.

  6. pollyann says:

    You are on “The Way of Mastery.” Your gemstone is Fluorite. Go here http://www.thesecretlanguage.com/check/birthdate/ enter your numbers and click the Reveal tab; you will see a long page with all of your information. This is not astrology.
    I know three birthday people for July — 15th, 16th and 17th.

  7. What does mine say – 15 July : )

  8. pollyann says:

    Yes, I see the picture of the book here in the Comments (above) which can be clicked on to go to Amazon.

  9. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    When I look at my comments here on your blog I see a picture of the book at Amazon which is the link to it.
    When I look at this in my “Comments I’ve Made” I just see a link, no pictures. Do you know what’s up with that?? Is that what you see, the pic??
    (if you want I can show you by taking a snapshot and put it in Confabulations’.

    Re >>> “You don’t need to buy the book….
    I see now! I didn’t scroll down far enough before.

    Re >>> “At the website…………”
    Re >>> “The gemstone for Transcendence is Rainbow Obsidian.”
    Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  10. pollyann says:

    At the website I don’t see the crystal or gemstone recommended in my book for The Way of Inspiration unless I am missing something. It happens to be Apophyllite. Other than that it all seems to be replicated at the website plus the info from the rest of the trilogy. The gemstone for Transcendence is Rainbow Obsidian. πŸ™‚

  11. pollyann says:

    It just went to moderation. All is well. You don’t need to buy the book because when I looked up my birthday at their website it includes what is in the Destiny book. The added info has to be from the other two books.

  12. Salty says:

    I don’t know why it’s doing that. Please delete those and this sentence. Thanks!

  13. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    The Destiny is at Amazon but it’s expensive. Anyway, I clicked on ‘Look Inside’ and my path is Transcendence.
    I’m going to keep an eye out for The Secret Language of Destiny in used book stores.
    He has 13 books. I haven’t looked at these yet but at the bottom of this page there are 3 free downloads.

  14. pollyann says:

    I just have the Destiny book and not the trilogy. My version came out in 1999. It may have been revised after that in 2003. I hope you can look up your info, Salty. Let me know. I think you will like what you find.

  15. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    Interesting!! 😎
    I Googled it and guess what? It’s online for free! I think it’s the same as you are talking about but if it isn’t please let me know. Thanks.
    Here’s the link. http://www.thesecretlanguage.com/today/
    Also I think the entire book is available online for free but I have to look into that more to be certain.
    Thanks for posting this Polly! πŸ™‚

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