Edward Snowden’s Father

Edward is a Patriot.  It’s very simple no matter what else people want to project onto him — their own spin, their own doubts, their own conspiratorial views, their own disbelief and suspicious natures that such a person of integrity could do this without it being some sort of shadow government scam and hoodwink — Edward is still a Patriot.

According to his father, Edward is a sensitive, caring young man; a deep thinker and is principled.  (That came through loud and clear for me when I initially watched Edward’s interview.)  “He cares for all people.”  His father states he (the father) served this nation honorably for over 30 years and took an oath to uphold the Constitution.  My remark:  The apple did not fall far from the tree, did it??  🙂

I believe Edward is being denigrated, from one section of people, because he went to the Guardian instead of an alternative news website, one that exposes conspiracies on a daily basis.  If he had gone to an alternative news website with his information this story would not have gone global mainstream.  It was mainstream that needed to hear Edward, not those who already know this information.



If you listen to Mr. Snowden, hopefully you will understand why I say his son is a Patriot.  IMHO.

Btw, Patriots aren’t looking to be heroes or saviors.  They are beyond that.

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3 Responses to Edward Snowden’s Father

  1. pollyann says:

    Another thing that has been bugging me is — NOT EVERYONE IN THE MAINSTREAM PRESS IS PRO-NEW WORLD ORDER!! Please stop lumping all of them in the same box.

  2. pollyann says:

    It’s such a no brainer!! If our government was supporting, adhering to and defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights someone like Edward Snowden never would have done what he did!!

    I am encouraged by the words and demeanor of Mr. Lonnie Snowden in this interview.

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