Spiral and Laser Beam

I have to make a note of this before I forget.  I’ll edit later.  I was lying in bed listening to Coast.  My eyes were closed.  Suddenly a bright, neon green spiral appeared in the dark sky in my mind (like the Norway spiral).  It was huge, and I wasn’t looking at it straight on but as if from an angle on the left.  Then a bright, neon pink laser beam shot out of the darkness at the spiral from the right of my vision.  The laser beam seemed like it was meant to destroy the spiral.  The whole, rapid scene felt violent, jarring and like an intrusion.

I have NO CLUE as to what this was about.  It was really quite bizarre.

Addendum, 6-12-2013:  If this was a personal left brain/right brain visionary event, something associated with my right brain consciousness zapped something in my left brain consciousness.  A spiral is a vortex.

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