A Fallen Galaxy

A simply short story:

A very long time ago an anti-matter galaxy, which is pure evil, collided with a normal, Creative galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, and part of the Andromeda Galaxy physically broke away and FELL, including the inhabitants.  It also FELL in vibration rate.  This FALLEN part of the Andromeda Galaxy became known as the Milky Way Galaxy and was infiltrated by the purely evil, anti-matter galaxy via the collision.  Anti-matter galaxies, like black holes, must feed on normal galaxies, stars, solar systems and their inhabitants to continue to exist.  They cannot manifest Creative Forces on their own, therefore they cannot stop feeding.  Over time, the manifestations of this anti-matter evil will suck all of the Creative Life Forces out of what they have infiltrated.  These manifestations are ruthless in coming up with ways to trick and infiltrate Creative entities, especially through religions, spiritual practices, metaphysics, symbology and medical and healing modalities.

The FALLEN galaxy, or Milky Way Galaxy, will one day collide back into its parent galaxy, Andromeda, evil infiltration intact, ever ravenous.  What do you think will happen then??

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