TSA and Small Pocket Knives

Didn’t anyone get it??  The TSA wanted to gauge how well we have been conditioned so they announced months ago they were going to allow people to carry small pocket knives with them on board.  Don’t you see what they were doing??  It was reverse psychology; testing the success of our behavior modification.  We are sheeple through and through.  People and flight attendants responded in an uproar against this announcement when years ago, WHO GAVE A THOUGHT TO WHO MIGHT BE CARRYING A POCKET KNIFE WHILE FLYING??  We hadn’t been false-flagged to death and countless sleepers hadn’t been activated yet.  Now we are begging them not to let people carry pocket knives on board and they have finally announced they will not.  DUH!!  DUH!!  DUH!!!  I’m sorry for yelling but look how easily the TSA molded us to have the exact reaction they wanted.

All anyone really needs on board is a supply of duct tape to subdue and restrain any unruly passengers.  Perhaps a roll of duct tape should be standard issue when boarding a plane so if anyone has a meltdown and loses their mind everyone else will be ready with duct tape in hand.


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7 Responses to TSA and Small Pocket Knives

  1. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    And surveys too are a favorite of tptb, and also a favorite used by them for their Community Stalking / Group Stalking / Gang Stalking harassment of individuals.
    We never do polls, surveys etc now, and haven’t for many years.

  2. pollyann says:

    To add to this theme I think the reason many polls are taken these days is to find out how successful the brainwashing of people has been on various matters and how much more work there is to do.

  3. pollyann says:

    It seems there was a story recently about someone flipping out on board a flight and he was restrained with duct tape. Maybe it was a dream. Nope!! It did happen on this side of the veil. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2013/01/05/unruly_man_restrained_with_duct_tape_on_flight_from_iceland_to_new_york.html
    I guess he had too much to drink. Oh, and zip ties are now more multi-purpose as well!!

    See this from the article: “Arngrimsson added that airlines commonly carry tape and plastic handcuffs to restrain potentially harmful passengers.” They are one step ahead of me.

  4. Salty says:

    I noticed you said that, and I meant to comment but I’m so busy I forgot.
    LOL!! That’s an excellent use for duct tape! Good ol’ multipurpose duct tape 😆
    It’s really hot here and I’m only at my pc for short periods, and in my A/C ‘haven’ most of the time.

  5. pollyann says:

    Salty, I posted the duct tape part for you. 🙂

  6. pollyann says:

    Thanks for the comment, FP. 🙂 Their conditioning has been very effective. You have flown recently. What was it like for you??

  7. Good observation. Not only shows how effective their conditioning has been but also how low risk pocket knives and similar items really.

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