Sciatic and Low Back Pain

I have to pass this on.  Due to repeated, lower spinal trauma I had low back pain and sciatic pain years ago.  The sciatic pain was horrendous and made it very difficult for me to stand for any length of time.  Lo and behold, I came across some pedicure thong sandals which don’t just have one thong that goes between the big and second toes but they have four thongs which separate all of the toes.  Women have a wider “Q angle” than men so sciatic pain can be more common in women. 

These sandals provided just enough splaying of my toes, and greater stability, so the lower back pain and sciatic pain disappeared very quickly.  It was amazing!!  During winter when I did not wear them I still did not experience any pain.  I have since worn the sandals out, which cost 10 bucks, and have duct tape on the bottom of one of them.  Lol!!  I ordered some more expensive ones which are called Yogini sandals, and are not the pedicure kind which are terry on top and have thicker thongs, but they are too big so I ordered a smaller size.  Now I have to wait.  I hope these give me the same effect even though I don’t have pain anymore.

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7 Responses to Sciatic and Low Back Pain

  1. pollyann says:

    I like wearing them because I like the way they feel.

  2. Salty says:

    Thanks Polly! For whatever reason I just couldn’t think of words to use in search but corrective footwear should do the trick and the link you posted gave me some ideas too 🙂
    I’ve never seen anyone wearing those here but I think they should be available around here somewhere.

  3. pollyann says:

    The store I bought my first pair from no longer carries them. I found the receipt and looked them up. I’ve noticed there are a lot more varieties to choose from on the Internet so they must have become more popular.

  4. pollyann says:

    Salty, the original pair I bought were ten dollars and came from the company at the link though I didn’t buy them directly from them. I’ll have to think about that. I saw them again somewhere not too long ago — the ten dollar ones, but I don’t remember where right now.
    The thicker the thongs the better for relieving pain. Yes, they are promoted for low back pain and sciatic pain as well as pedicures and yoga. I originally found the idea in a Footsmart catalogue because they carry corrective footwear but I didn’t buy them from them either. Look in the Amazon website, too.

  5. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    Re the Sciatic and Low Back Pain and splaying toes. That’s interesting. I never heard of that before.
    Is it a common treatment for this pain?

    Sometimes I get a lot of pain if I’m standing for even a short time, I never could figure out why.
    Thankfully this doesn’t happen very often but when it does it can last for weeks, or months!.

    Anyway if I can find out where they sell those type of thongs in town I’ll buy them.
    I searched in Google but I can’t find anything.
    Do you have any suggestions as to what search words I use to fine these type thongs?

  6. pollyann says:

    My duct tape tag was meant to be humorous so your funny bone is right on. Lol!! The thought of duct tape always makes me laugh because it is so versatile. No home should be without it and I wish I had come up with the creation of it!! I even have some camo duct tape but it seems I have mentioned that before. I was thinking of someone who might happen onto my blog because of that tag and I had to chuckle.

  7. Salty says:

    Hi Polly,
    When I seen the title of this article I thought “Oh No!!!” 😦

    I’m glad to hear you are not having those problems now! 🙂

    Many people have these problems so info may be much help to many.

    LOL!! You Tagged it duct tape!
    Seriously though, duct tape is very useful stuff !
    It just seems odd to find that tag for something titled “Sciatic and Low Back Pain”.:lol:

    Don’t mind me, it just struck my funny bone 😐

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