Someone said something to me today that I find to be hysterically funny!!  The statement was — “Get out of the New Age conspiracy stuff.”  Talk about turning the tables!!  LOL!!  I love it!!

In all of my lifelong seeking in trying to understand this world, why things are the way they are, why my experiences have been what they are, why all of us are here, and why does it seem as though we are imprisoned here — none of this seeking has helped me to feel any better.  Has it been a total waste of time??  I’m just asking.  I’ve yet to see any real, tangible benefit.  (I have no doubt that last statement will be misinterpreted by some.)  But, things may have been much worse if I did not seek.  I don’t really know.  Or, things may have been much better if I had not been seeking.  LOL!!

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