Someone sent this to me last night.  I do believe this event came about because of a much needed shift in consciousness.

The event (look at the number of hits on this video!!):


An interview with the teen, Casey Heynes, who had been bullied (I began crying half way through this interview and waited until this morning to watch the rest):


An interview with the bully, Richard Gale, (I haven’t watched this yet):


Note:  I watched it and Richard says that he was a victim, too.  That’s what he said.  I think something good can come out of this if people let it.

What if, in the moment which Casey snapped and put his attacker in his place, it dissolved a whole bunch of pending, horrible probabilities with far reaching effects?? Leave it to me to think about something like that.  🙂

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One Response to Bullying

  1. Sily says:

    The father of the bully looks like he has had a very hard life. The whole thing is a mess — that Casey was bullied and that his bully felt he needed to do this. This world can be such a rough place.

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